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Your charitable organization works hard to earn donors' trust and suppot. Brand consistency is equally important to both non-profit and for-profit enterprise.
CharityWeb pioneered the development of donation pages tailored to client website "look and feel," and we are proud to introduce new tools designed to streamline the process--to get your branded donation site active, attractive, and effective faster than ever.

Donate Now NOTE: You'll want to remove links to donation page from the "Template Page" you will be creating.

Sample content: About your organization

This is the part of the sample website that acknowledges that we don't yet know what cause drives you....only that we want to help you achieve your fundraising goal, and to make you look good in the process!

Sample content: Client team

Okay, these are our guys...but they are here to help your team navigate our simple process, and get your branded donaton page set up quickly and easily.

Professor PAX will be your online instructor, guiding you through to simple steps to create your first donation page.
Your accouting team will love new features that make reports easier to access, increasing efficiency and accuracy.

access our product guides: Detailed instructions to help you use our fundraising tools.

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