Support Team Tweed for the Petaluma Adobe in the 2012 Sonoma/Napa Gran Fondo

A message from Team Tweed for the Petaluma Adobe

All sponsorships for Team Adobe would go towards the Save the Petaluma Adobe State Park which is threatened with closure. It is one of many fund raising events we are participating in.
Our team is going to keep Petaluma Adobe's historical theme, "Team Adobe", We will eschew the spandex and bright colors of the modern era and ride as real gentlefolk would have done in the early part of the last century. Murphys Pub has promised a free beer or glass of wine to members of Team Tweed.

Team Members
Edward Fay
Patrecia Graham
James Kent
CJM Rose
Daisy Rose
Philip Sales
Byron Nichols
Jeni Nichols
Diane Mercer