hot tubbing for hope worldwide

Location:  LOcally: BIson Turf-Fargo, ND 

Worldwide: IN your backyard or a local facility in a hot tub or Pool

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EVENT June 17, 2021: November 15 and 16, 2019.

Support My Aquatic Services in the Hot Tubbing For Hope Inagural Hot Tub-Athon



Brent Krulac


Lonna Whiting

Troy Derheim

Hope Tubbing for Hope 2019 is a fun way to join a worldwide movement to get together with friends or family and spend a few hours in a hot tub or warm water environment for a good cause!  Aquatics Empowered is focused on bringing access to safe and compliant aquatic therapy to smaller communities.  Aquatic therapy helps to increase circulation, respiratory rate, muscle metabolism, strength, flexibility and ease of movement while reducing pain through decreased weight-bearing and reduced joint stress. 

Team Members

Lonna Whiting

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