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Carolina Brotherhood 2022

June 13-21 2022

Honoring the Fallen and their families

Dena Ali



Filsteen Ramadan


Scott Ash

Texas Brotherhood is with you! "NEVER FORGET"


Ahmed Safwat


Zachary Taylor


Christopher Haisty


Bruno Lamarre



Victoria Killough

Strong work!!! We love you!


Steve Marks


Rob Brisley

Amazing ride to #NeverForget


Melanie Askew


Ricky Johnson


Larz Robison


Annette McDade


Allison Carraway

We salute and fully support you guys! Go Dena!!! From the family of late Sgt.Terrence Carraway. Allison, Rashad, Allyson and Baby Cree


Ryan Lewis


Lindsay Judah


Andy Starnes


Dena Ali


Dena Ali

Travis and Kelly’s shirts


Peter Gitto


Jason Rumpler


Buddy Brooks


Thank you for supporting the Carolina Brotherhood.  Our mission is to provide emotional and financial support to the families of first responders lost in the line of duty in the Carolinas.  We do this by riding bicycles to the home towns of our fallen heroes and visiting with their families, both home and work.

All members of our team are law enforcement officers, firefighters or paramedics.  Many of our team members have been directly impacted by a Line of Duty Death and we use this ride to heal ourselves while also helping others.

Your generous support is very much appreciated.

- Dena Ali
Dena Ali
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03/22/2022 - 01/01/2038
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Carolina Brotherhood

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