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Carolina Brotherhood 2022

June 13-21 2022

Honoring the Fallen and their families




Sue Pfaff

Thank you for supporting fallen first responders.




Jason and Candice Joannides


Ryan Bryer


Amber & Matt Biviano


Sue Pfaff


I recently sat down for dinner with cycling friends and the question was raised. What has been your greatest cycling accomplishment?  

Well it’s an easy one to answer in short but hard to truly explain.  You see pictured here is me with my service dog the morning after a long day. A day in which for many they got to see Pooh Bear do his job in ways none had ever seen.  Ways I hope most don’t have to see.  For me it’s a very vulnerable time exposing me to the world.  

I’ve been with the Carolina Brotherhood from the beginning and have felt the impact we can have but nothing compares to this moment.  While one can sacrifice and be a shoulder for others it never truly hits home how incredible that support can be until it’s turned on you. Scared to show others, pent up with anxiety, overwhelmed by chaos… I cracked.  In the following moments and days I realized just how much this “group” is truly a family.  Wrapped in protection, care, unconditional love, and with hint of friendly ribbing I was free to be me. Free to Not hide my weakness; Not be embarrassed; Not worry about judgment.  It’s selfish to have received this love without sacrifice & when others deserve it more.  However it makes me better understand what we are doing for the families and for our Carolina Brotherhood Family.  Being apart a small hopefully helpful part of this first responder family is my life’s greatest accomplishment.

All members of our family are law enforcement officers, firefighters or paramedics.  Many of our team members have been directly impacted by a Line of Duty Death and we use this ride to heal ourselves while also helping others.

Your generous support is very much appreciated.

- Pete Biviano

Pete Biviano
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