CEF Good News Walk-a-thon

Greenfield ParK - West Allis 

SAturday - September 7, 2019

 9:00am - 11:30am

Support Soulful Striders in the 2019 Step-Up for the Good News Walk-a-Thon



Bill & Raenell Brennan


Jeanne Kolb

Sorry this is late:/

Kevin Faulls

Jodi Long

God luck with your fundraiser!

patti gengler

Austin Meissner

Rebecca Schuster

Good Luck!

Mary McDaniel

Jim & Sue Meissner

Adienne Meinzer

Jeff Pastor

Designation - Melanie Pastor

gary lewis

Melanie Pastor

The Gospel is SIMPLE, even kids understand the message of salvation when presented in a fun, creative way and thanks to CEF, kids hear the Gospel at Bible clubs all over Southeast WI.  I have committed to raising funds to support the Good News Walk-a-Thon and I need your help to reach my goal of $1000.  A big mission field awaits and you too can be a part of God's work by stepping-up for the Good News!   SOULFUL STRIDERS    

Team Members

Melanie Pastor

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