Support The Partnership at in the 2012 Sonoma/Napa Gran Fondo

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If you just logged on .... It's not too late!!
I had such a great experience in Sonoma, I am now riding in the Palo Alto event for The Partnership at
Please click here to join me or make a donation to my Palo Alto page-


Best of mornings to you!

You did not receive the link to this site by mistake! This isn't SPAM.  You were specifically and intentionally invited to this page on purpose.

This year I am riding the Sonoma Echelon Gran Fondo in support of DRUGFREE.ORG

I researched to find which organization is truly active and making a difference in the world of Addiction Prevention and this one got my vote.   The Partnership at is a drug abuse prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery resource, existing to help parents and caregivers effectively address alcohol and drug abuse with their teens and young adults.You can visit their website to learn more -

PLEASE SUPPORT MY EFFORTS!  You can join my team and help raise money and awaeness for this worthwhile cause or donate from this page (just click on my name).

Do you know someone who needs help? Odds are that someone in your family, maybe even in your immediate family struggles with addiction.  Or is it a close friend that is struggling day by day with dependency.  Please let this page and our efforts be your personal challenge.  How?  Simply be aware how prevelant dependency is.  Look for it!  It's there; right in front of you.  After you become aware of how prevelant dependency is, you'll sadly become aware of just how ruthless it really is. 

We'll do the training.  We'll do the sweating.  We'll do the 'leg work' on May 12th!  We just ask that you help in any way you can.  $500 or $5.  

During the Gran Fondo, we'll be thinking about those who donate.  Those thoughts and our months of preparation will help us fly through this 75 mile course. 

Thank you,



Team Members
Andy Blasquez
Jon Crone