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A message from Carroll College EWB Helena MT

Our HATS GO OFF to each and every one of you for supporting Engineers Without Borders - USA Carroll College and the engineering service work we are doing at the Diocese of Helena mission in Santo Tomas, Guatemala, and at the Santa Maria del Mexicano orphanage in Colon, Mexico. Thank you for your donation!!!!

At Santo Tomas, in Guatemala, we are designing and building structural walls for the school buildings in order to protect nearly 600 students in the event of an earthquake. At Santa Maria, in Mexico, we are designing and building an irrigation system that will enable the orphanage to generate more income so more of the kids there can go to college.

Engineers Without Borders USA (EWB-USA) supports community-driven development programs worldwide through empowering partnerships that design and implement sustainable solutions to a community's basic human needs. Today, more than two billion people lack access to the most basic things -- clean drinking water, adequate sanitation, reliable passage to local markets and more. EWB-USA members engineer change in 47 countries around the world.

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With deepest gratitude,

Tanner Grimstad, Carroll College Chapter President

John Scharf, Carroll College Faculty Advisor

Blessings abound for all when we share God's graces with one another!

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Happy to contrubute! ($125.00)
-Joseph D. Harrington
-Alfred S. Maulorico
-Jackie Kuhl
-Caitlin Walter
-Phil Rose
-Bill Wiegand
Great work! Be safe. ($1000.00)
-Raj & Sandy Lall
-Xin Zhang
-Brandon Saiki
Stand-up year again, team. Great job! ($500.00)
-Daniel Wetstein
-Margaret Perryman
-Julia Viergutz
Go Saints! ($50.00)
-AJ Porrini
-John & Leslie Majerus
-Joseph Harrington
Thank you for all you do to help others! ($20.00)
-Maria Brosnan
-Dan Case
Go EWB Saints!! ($50.00)
-Shannon Ackeret
-Alfred S. Maulorico
-max armstrong
-Karen Fagg
-Ibrahima Niang
Carroll College Student EWB Chapter Member/Professional Mentor ($70.00)
-Kurt Keith
-Craig Jenneskens
Strong faculty supporter of Carroll EWB ($100.00)
-Jack Oberweiser
-Annette Walstad
Go Saints! ($11.00)
-Kevin McNamee
Keep up the great work! ($25.00)
-Marie Vanisko
-Christopher McCarthy
-Jonathon Kujawa
-Patrick Majerus
-William War
Go CC EWB ($1000.00)
-Kent Barnes
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Go Carroll EWB! ($700.00)
-Willis Weight
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Go Carroll EWB Saints! ($700.00)
-John Scharf
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Goal: $12500

Last updated: 12/02/2014