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A message from EWB-UMBC: Kenya Water Project

Our Current Objective: To bring clean water to small rural community in western Kenya called Isongo.

Our story begins in Kakamega, a city 30 minutes away from Isongo. The number of orphaned street children in the city drew the attention of Simiyu House, an NGO that focuses on helping underprivileged communities in Kenya. Simiyu House built an orphanage in Isongo that would provide shelter and bring education to these children.

However, after realizing the poor state of the community’s water supply, Simiyu House reached out to EWB-UMBC (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) in hopes that we could come up with a solution to their problem.

Engineers Without Borders was founded to provide communities around the world with access to basic human needs - things like clean water, safe bridges, and reliable farming systems. These things change the lives of people around the world. We want to help, and you can too! Here's how...

There are lots of ways to get involved, whether donating money or spreading the word. Every little bit is appreciated, so thanks for participating! And check back often to see my progress, and how you've helped make a difference.

-EWB Chapter at UMBC

Recent Donations

  • Lee Blaney:
    Keep up the good work! ($1500.00)
  • William Wojcik:
    Donation on behalf of UMBC Department of Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering ($1000.00)
  • Theodore DeBoda:
    Thank you for your great work! ($500.00)
  • Robert Hackman ($100.00)
  • Eric Smith:
    Donation for FOOD! ($360.00)
  • Laetitia Mulamula ($70.00)
  • Sasan Sharee Ghourichaee ($15.00)
  • Anonymous:
    Excellent talk today, Dr. Blaney! You need $4800 for the well, here it is... ($4800.00)
  • Sasan Sharee Ghourichaee ($15.00)
  • Myra Norton:
    I really enjoyed hearing about your great work at the COEIT Board meeting! ($70.00)
  • Jeremy Fedors:
    Keep up the good work! ($70.00)
  • Anonymous ($50.00)
  • Jennie Leach:
    Keep up the wonderful work UMBC-EWB! From the Leach Family ($500.00)
  • Lee Blaney ($270.00)
  • Catherine Krystopowicz:
    Keep up the excellent work, Lee, and other volunteers. ($275.00)
  • Anonymous:
    Good luck on your trip! ($500.00)

Goal: $24000

Last updated: 12/31/2014