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A message from HCEWB Water for Pinalito

Engineers Without Borders USA was founded to provide communities around the world with access to basic human needs - things like clean water, safe bridges, and reliable farming systems. These things change the lives of people around the world. I want to help, and you can too! Here's how...

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There are lots of ways to get involved, whether donating money or spreading the word. Every little bit is appreciated, so thanks for participating! And check back often to see my progress, and how you've helped make a difference.

About Our Current Project

Our current project aims to provide clean water to the rural village of Pinalito in the central Dominican Republic.  Pinalito lacks a functioning municipal water supply, so its residents are forced to drink from a river heavily polluted by bacteria and agricultural contaminant; this has led to a high incidence of gastrointestinal illlnesses—particularly among the young children.  Our chapter is working with the community to redesign and rebuild the water supply in Pinalito, so that all its residents can have access to clean, safe water for drinking and daily use.

- Harvard College Engineers Without Borders

Recent Donations

  • Casey Grun:
    Travel Team ($150.00)
  • Leah Gaffney ($150.00)
  • Aisha Lee ($150.00)
  • Anonymous ($150.00)
  • Anonymous:
    Best Wishes ($25.00)
  • Chris Lombardo ($150.00)
  • Rolf Grun ($775.00)
  • Paul & Kate Gaffney:
    best of luck with a very important effort ($5000.00)
  • Jennifer Shi:
    Have fun on the trip! ($20.00)
  • Teh-Li Huo ($500.00)
  • Anonymous:
    Good luck with your trip! It's great to see students focusing on sustainable development. ($25.00)
  • Anonymous:
    Always looking for a good cause. I wish I could help out more ($20.00)
  • Diego Huerta:
    Travel Team ($150.00)
  • Martin & Dianne:
    Great work!! ($25.00)
  • Karen Washburn ($100.00)
  • Joshua Das ($150.01)
  • Michael Tingley:
    :) ($20.00)
  • Karina Herrera ($150.00)
  • Mack Tilling ($125.00)
  • Maria Anthony:
    Dipti, may you do good work for those less fortunate! - Mrs. A ($125.00)
  • Tunde Demuren:
    Travel Team ($150.00)
  • Maureen Lombardo:
    Keep up the GREAT workof EWB!! ($35.00)
  • Dawn Schulman ($36.00)
  • Samantha Huo ($25.00)
  • Huey-Fen Song ($25.00)
  • Mark Buccolo ($50.00)
  • Hyde Patterson ($70.00)
  • Dennis Trevino:
    What a terrific project! Well done Leah, the Mc Vinos are with ya!! ($1650.00)
  • Anonymous ($125.00)
  • Carlos Lee:
    Will initiate matching gift via my employer ($200.00)
  • Jon London ($125.00)
  • Maya Hanna:
    Great work Aisha Lee and EWB - Havard University Chapter ($100.00)

Goal: $20000

Last updated: 06/18/2013