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A message from Naluja Zambia


Engineers Without Borders supports community-driven development programs worldwide through empowering partnerships that design and implement sustainable solutions to a community's basic human needs.

Our Boston University Chapter is collaborating with the community of Naluja, Zambia along with Boston University's Center for Global Health & Development (CGHD), UNICEF, and the Clinton Health Access Initiative. For the past three years we have been working with the people of Naluja on various projects. We are working on increasing cell phone signal as part of CGHD’s postnatal healthcare initiative and a water purification system. Currently there are 6 Yagi Antennas successfully installed in the Naluja village to amplify the cell phone signal. Our travel team installed one Yagi, while the Nalujan community members have installed the others. For water purification, we plan to repair the village’s solar paneled pump and continue to install water filters to help provide the Naluja community with clean water. On our last trip the villagers took our first design and built 12 water filters. All of our projects are truly driven by the community’s wants and needs.


Our chapter’s motto is ‘gear up, make change’. Our project teams have been  ‘gearing up’ and working hard here in Boston researching, developing, and building prototypes but we need your help to help us get to Zambia and really ‘make change’.


Donate today -- whether $5 or $500, you're engineering change! 


Please check out our website or facebook page for more information!


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For Lauren Etter we are so proud of you ($70.00)
-J and MiMI McClurg/Collman
This is an amazing project and my hat is off to all who support it in the field and otherwise. ($250.00)
-Susan Smits
Good luck to your EWB-BU team with the continued efforts! ($25.00)
Christmas present for Teresa Fulcher ($100.00)
-John Marlatt
-Wesley R. Parsons
-Jeremy Schein
You are making a difference! ($100.00)
-James Stuhlmacher
You are doing good work and we know you will make a difference in the world! ($50.00)
-Mary Etter
keep up the good work! ($40.00)

Goal: $15000

Last updated: 08/13/2014