When registering for the Mutt Strut you can participate as an Individual Walker or as part of a Pack (a team of 2 or more people). If you have a few friends, co-workers or family members that want to join you on Walk Day by raising funds themselves, this is a great way to get everyone involved. Companies also form Packs as a teambuilding exercise for their employees and a way of making their companies more philanthropic.

Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
Muf & Newf Monica and Brett Horger VisitJoinDonate$45Monica and Brett Horger Monica and Brett Horger Devan Horger Michael Wasmiller
Sarah'sStrut Sarah Rood VisitIndividualDonate$95Sarah Rood
heathermehi Heather Mehi VisitIndividualDonate$3,440Heather Mehi
KathleenLash Kathleen Lash VisitIndividualDonate$1,090Kathleen Lash
jennymassey83@yahoo.com Jennifer Massey VisitIndividualDonate$45Jennifer Massey
https://ssl.charityweb.net/famdmuttstrut/muttstrut Delena Laney VisitIndividualDonate$15Delena Laney
Julie & Rikki's page Julie Ader VisitIndividualDonate$15Julie Ader
Elaine's Victory Elaine Greene VisitIndividualDonate$760Elaine Greene
Shelter Staff Strutters Linda Thomas VisitJoinDonate$1,970Katie Johnson Sarah Kade Emily Kirby Sarahlee Knapp Andrea Kuentz Danielle Leonard Vanessa Nunez Trish O'Donnell Linda Thomas Linda Thomas Jennie Walsh Kelsey Wynn
Volunteers Gone Wild Theresa Eicher VisitJoinDonate$662Anastasia Bremmer Theresa Eicher Theresa Eicher Marianne Glennie Derek Jesweak Henry Laige Mackenzie Laige Arielle Nabors Connie VanDeneede
2019 Shiloh and Wilma's Wags to Wiches PAIGE LA MONT VisitIndividualDonate$65PAIGE LA MONT
Calypso the Brewery Dog - Dearborn Brewing Sheila Rucinski VisitJoinDonate$40Sheila Rucinski Sheila Rucinski
Max Stephen Carter VisitIndividualDonate$45Stephen Carter
AK Steelers Robert Howell VisitJoinDonate$10,588Brian Roof Caster Jim Cislo Howard Danzy Robert Howell Robert Howell Denise Johnson Elaine Powell Marie Rivers Katalin Rye
CindyMaddy Cindy lalone VisitIndividualDonate$15Cindy lalone
Woof Walk Clan Amy Paredes-Benavides VisitJoinDonate$105Kara Campbell David Horvath Teodora Jiga Amy Paredes-Benavides Amy Paredes-Benavides lukas rudis
Juju and Harper Samantha Beattie VisitJoinDonate$55Samantha Beattie Samantha Beattie
S&D Sheryl Bieniak VisitIndividualDonate$30Sheryl Bieniak
Skull Squad Mary McCormick VisitJoinDonate$210regan boldman Rebecca DeBucce Bailey DeCroix Stephanie Hirschfield Eva Hudak Jeff Kator Mary McCormick Mary McCormick Alec Peterhans Jack Redmond Will Schuster Megan Thuma Tommy Thuma
Paige Linda Grundy VisitIndividualDonate$115Linda Grundy
Mimi & Cyrus Mimi Mardiros VisitIndividualDonate$115Mimi Mardiros
Julie, Jeremy, & Jeffrey Julia Benyo VisitJoinDonate$145Julia Benyo Julia Benyo LAURA LOCKREY
Basset Buddies Megan Clark VisitJoinDonate$30Megan Clark Megan Clark
The Funny Bones Danielle Reeve VisitJoinDonate$30Danielle Reeve Danielle Reeve JOSH REEVE
Niko&Tigg Elizabeth Clemence VisitIndividualDonate$485Elizabeth Clemence
Animals we love Dana Goodman VisitJoinDonate$15Dana Goodman Dana Goodman Duncan Nichols
Blue's Weimaraner Records and Friends cindy orlandi VisitJoinDonate$75Janet Ellsworth Jamie Ellsworth cindy orlandi cindy orlandi
Buhr's Bow Wow Laurie Buhr VisitJoinDonate$1,495Laurie Buhr Laurie Buhr Kristina Buhr Mary Rooney
something Brian Jelinski VisitIndividualDonate$90Brian Jelinski
VetSelect KATHRYN RAY VisitJoinDonate$235Kathy Dobies KATHRYN RAY KATHRYN RAY Linda Schrier
Chewbacca_Jackson_Bonnie Victoria Hinojosa VisitIndividualDonate$15Victoria Hinojosa
Ava Carrie Bova VisitIndividualDonate$125Carrie Bova
Cooker's Cindy Cook VisitJoinDonate$105Cindy Cook Cindy Cook Gary Cook Linda Lezotte
Henry's Honeys Judith Belknap VisitJoinDonate$530Judith Belknap Judith Belknap Walter E. Juterbock
Boo’s page Katie Sandison VisitIndividualDonate$15Katie Sandison
Ruger's Ramble Jamie Salau VisitJoinDonate$45Jamie Salau Jamie Salau Jourdan Thomas DeBoRah Wilson
Mrs. Maisie's Midges Amanda Ewing VisitJoinDonate$90Amanda Ewing Amanda Ewing Ryan Murphy
Mickey’s Mutt Strut page Mickey Lyons VisitIndividualDonate$45Mickey Lyons
A New Leash Emily Reynolds VisitJoinDonate$55Emily Brzezicki Jeff Kator Emily Reynolds Emily Reynolds KRISTINA WILLIAMS
chachiisgod Michael Martin VisitIndividualDonate$35Michael Martin
AshleighSpann Ashleigh Spann VisitIndividualDonate$25Ashleigh Spann
Running For Waffles Karen Sullivan VisitJoinDonate$90Karen Sullivan Karen Sullivan Vincent Sullivan
Jeri's kids Jeri Lantzy VisitIndividualDonate$30Jeri Lantzy
DEARBORN FAMILY PET CARE CINDY CARROLL VisitJoinDonate$750Andrea Brown Michael Bucholtz CINDY CARROLL CINDY CARROLL Carley Fagan Mary Fischer Christy Money Emily Money Brandie Perez
Scout's Family Cheryl Pettitt VisitJoinDonate$135 Carole Juliet Cheryl Pettitt Cheryl Pettitt
NikiandRoscoe Nicole Hanley VisitIndividualDonate$75Nicole Hanley
SaraShechter Sheila Shechter VisitIndividualDonate$10Sheila Shechter
Bill Wagner0 William Wagner VisitIndividualDonate$45William Wagner
Trent's Fundraising Page TRENT BALOGH VisitIndividualDonate$60TRENT BALOGH
TeamBrotherBear Shelby Langert VisitIndividualDonate$35Shelby Langert
JoHughes Jo Hughes VisitIndividualDonate$75Jo Hughes
Chloe Gedert Steve Gedert VisitIndividualDonate$65Steve Gedert
Dachs Rock! Mariya Fogarasi VisitJoinDonate$45Mariya Fogarasi Mariya Fogarasi Caroline Fogarasi John Fogarasi
PNC Strutters Sheila Marable VisitJoinDonate$0Arieonna Carter James Coleman Leticia Crawford Ali Hammoud Kaitlyn Hudspeth Laura Johnson-Brown Tara Litrich Megan Lynch Sheila Marable Sheila Marable Nada Rote
https//sslcharityweb.netfamdmuttstrut//https glenn waldman VisitIndividualDonate$90glenn waldman
Beau's Buddies Cynthia Lewis VisitJoinDonate$70Margaret Jackman Cynthia Lewis Cynthia Lewis Jon Lewis
Team Stuart Michelle Moore VisitJoinDonate$465Linda Hill Michelle Moore Michelle Moore
https://ssl.charityweb.net/famdmuttstrut/LH.htm Robert Conrad VisitIndividualDonate$10Robert Conrad
DannySpanos Dionysios Spanos VisitIndividualDonate$155Dionysios Spanos
Ruff Riders Dania Hatahet VisitJoinDonate$25Dania Hatahet Dania Hatahet Anthony Tamborello
MuttBloods Francesca Schmidt VisitJoinDonate$45John Bozinovski Francesca Schmidt Francesca Schmidt Mary Schmidt
Gizmo & Girls Julie Wozniak VisitIndividualDonate$20Julie Wozniak
Luna Hyde Jonathan Hyde VisitIndividualDonate$30Jonathan Hyde
Cute Kitties Gail BRITTAN VisitIndividualDonate$15Gail BRITTAN
RIP TANK Tricia Gajewski VisitIndividualDonate$35Tricia Gajewski
Team The ittlekittle's Kristen Kittell VisitJoinDonate$30Jeanette Bilicki Kristen Kittell Kristen Kittell
United States Steelers Fred Johns VisitJoinDonate$690Todd Albring Cary Brainard Henri Briche Fred Johns Fred Johns Kyle Minton Scott Mukavitz Michele VanFleteren Michele VanFleteren
MickBonitaMolina Richard Murray VisitIndividualDonate$1,015Richard Murray
Colton&Ruby Susan Ringey VisitIndividualDonate$15Susan Ringey
eldred linda user VisitIndividualDonate$115linda user
The Direwolves Kerrie Ruebelmann VisitJoinDonate$225Emily LaParl Shane LaParl catherine manrique Kerrie Ruebelmann Kerrie Ruebelmann Anna Wrobel
Ksterner Kimberly Sterner VisitIndividualDonate$45Kimberly Sterner
cecil Ana Campos VisitIndividualDonate$15Ana Campos
Diane Cranston Diane Cranston VisitIndividualDonate$90Diane Cranston
Oaksters Ashley Sneed VisitJoinDonate$115Amanda Anderson Tim Kozar Ashley Sneed Ashley Sneed
The Couch Potatoes Mary O’Bryan VisitJoinDonate$30 Mary Megan Mary O’Bryan Mary O’Bryan
marliesquinn@gmail.com Marlies Quinn VisitIndividualDonate$15Marlies Quinn
MaryThompson Mary Thompson VisitIndividualDonate$95Mary Thompson
Bodhi Tony McGee VisitIndividualDonate$45Tony McGee
Dbabs19 dustin babler VisitIndividualDonate$45dustin babler
Charlie715 Kristine Babler-Jones VisitJoinDonate$30Kristine Babler-Jones Kristine Babler-Jones
BarkBark Tom Fischer VisitIndividualDonate$215Tom Fischer
TheLittleTeam Autumn Little VisitIndividualDonate$30Autumn Little
Molly's Mutt Molly Peabody VisitIndividualDonate$15Molly Peabody
Krystlebucy Krystle Bucy VisitIndividualDonate$15Krystle Bucy
Tim ONeill Tim O'Neill VisitIndividualDonate$15Tim O'Neill
Colleen Hofelich Colleen Hofelich VisitIndividualDonate$15Colleen Hofelich
Wolfman Jason Behr VisitJoinDonate$90Jason Behr Jason Behr Noah Behr
Zoey Lauren Williamson VisitIndividualDonate$30Lauren Williamson
FoxyRoxy Elio Calderon VisitIndividualDonate$15Elio Calderon
Sierramarua Trista Litrich VisitIndividualDonate$0Trista Litrich
BeagleBuds chris stuk VisitIndividualDonate$15chris stuk
ForTheLoveOfZeus Barret Kaltz VisitIndividualDonate$15Barret Kaltz
12 Paws For A Cause Caitlin Williams VisitJoinDonate$30 Billy Caitlin Caitlin Williams Caitlin Williams
Doodle girls Laura Rodak VisitIndividualDonate$30Laura Rodak
Doodle man Laura Rodak VisitIndividualDonate$15Laura Rodak
Muddy Buddies Caroline Syms VisitJoinDonate$30Phil Robinson Caroline Syms Caroline Syms
Karen Whitsett Karen Whitsett VisitIndividualDonate$15Karen Whitsett
Linda Linda Schaub VisitIndividualDonate$45Linda Schaub
Team Destiny Kerry Caruso VisitJoinDonate$90Kerry Caruso Kerry Caruso Destiny Caruso Andrea Castaneda