When registering for the Mutt Strut you can participate as an Individual Walker or as part of a Pack (a team of 2 or more people). If you have a few friends, co-workers or family members that want to join you on Walk Day by raising funds themselves, this is a great way to get everyone involved. Companies also form Packs as a teambuilding exercise for their employees and a way of making their companies more philanthropic.

Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
Muf & Newf Monica and Brett Horger VisitJoinDonate$45Monica and Brett Horger Monica and Brett Horger Devan Horger Michael Wasmiller
Sarah'sStrut Sarah Rood VisitIndividualDonate$1,275Sarah Rood
heathermehi Heather Mehi VisitIndividualDonate$4,515Heather Mehi
KathleenLash Kathleen Lash VisitIndividualDonate$1,640Kathleen Lash
jennymassey83@yahoo.com Jennifer Massey VisitIndividualDonate$45Jennifer Massey
https://ssl.charityweb.net/famdmuttstrut/muttstrut Delena Laney VisitIndividualDonate$15Delena Laney
Julie & Rikki's page Julie Ader VisitIndividualDonate$210Julie Ader
Elaine's Victory Elaine Greene VisitIndividualDonate$1,260Elaine Greene
Shelter Staff Strutters Linda Thomas VisitJoinDonate$3,606Katie Johnson Sarah Kade Emily Kirby Sarahlee Knapp Andrea Kuentz Danielle Leonard Vanessa Nunez Trish O'Donnell Linda Thomas Linda Thomas Jennie Walsh Kelsey Wynn
Volunteers Gone Wild Theresa Eicher VisitJoinDonate$887Anastasia Bremmer Theresa Eicher Theresa Eicher Marianne Glennie Henry Henry and Mackenzie Derek Jesweak Mackenzie Laige Arielle Nabors Connie VanDeneede
2019 Shiloh and Wilma's Wags to Wiches PAIGE LA MONT VisitIndividualDonate$415PAIGE LA MONT
Calypso the Brewery Dog - Dearborn Brewing Sheila Rucinski VisitJoinDonate$650Sheila Rucinski Sheila Rucinski
Max Stephen Carter VisitIndividualDonate$45Stephen Carter
AK Steelers Robert Howell VisitJoinDonate$12,406Jim Cislo Greg Copeland Howard Danzy Robert Howell Robert Howell Denise Johnson Jim McCabe Elaine Powell Marie Rivers Katalin Rye
CindyMaddy Cindy lalone VisitIndividualDonate$15Cindy lalone
Woof Walk Clan Amy Paredes-Benavides VisitJoinDonate$150Luis Benavides Kara Campbell David Horvath Teodora Jiga Amy Paredes-Benavides Amy Paredes-Benavides lukas rudis
Juju and Harper Samantha Beattie VisitJoinDonate$105Samantha Beattie Samantha Beattie
S&D Sheryl Bieniak VisitIndividualDonate$30Sheryl Bieniak
Skull Squad Mary McCormick VisitJoinDonate$691regan boldman Rebecca DeBucce Bailey DeCroix Christine Frusciano Stephanie Hirschfield Eva Hudak Jeff Kator Mary McCormick Mary McCormick Alec Peterhans Jack Redmond Will Schuster Megan Thuma Tommy Thuma
Paige Linda Grundy VisitIndividualDonate$115Linda Grundy
Mimi & Cyrus Mimi Mardiros VisitIndividualDonate$115Mimi Mardiros
Julie, Jeremy, & Jeffrey Julia Benyo VisitJoinDonate$145Julia Benyo Julia Benyo LAURA LOCKREY
Basset Buddies Megan Clark VisitJoinDonate$30Megan Clark Megan Clark
The Funny Bones Danielle Reeve VisitJoinDonate$30Danielle Reeve Danielle Reeve JOSH REEVE
Niko&Tigg Elizabeth Clemence VisitIndividualDonate$595Elizabeth Clemence
Animals we love Dana Goodman VisitJoinDonate$35Dana Goodman Dana Goodman Duncan Nichols
Blue's Weimaraner Records and Friends cindy orlandi VisitJoinDonate$175Janet Ellsworth Jamie Ellsworth cindy orlandi cindy orlandi
Buhr's Bow Wow Laurie Buhr VisitJoinDonate$2,765Laurie Buhr Laurie Buhr Kristina Buhr Mary Rooney
something Brian Jelinski VisitJoinDonate$140Tammy Cavell Brian Jelinski Tyler Jelinski Brian Jelinski Brian Jennifer Jelinski
VetSelect KATHRYN RAY VisitJoinDonate$980Kathy Dobies KATHRYN RAY KATHRYN RAY Linda Schrier
Chewbacca_Jackson_Bonnie Victoria Hinojosa VisitIndividualDonate$15Victoria Hinojosa
Ava Carrie Bova VisitIndividualDonate$125Carrie Bova
Cooker's Cindy Cook VisitJoinDonate$105Cindy Cook Cindy Cook Gary Cook Linda Lezotte
Henry's Honeys Judith Belknap VisitJoinDonate$530Judith Belknap Judith Belknap Walter E. Juterbock
Boo’s page Katie Sandison VisitIndividualDonate$15Katie Sandison
Ruger's Ramble Jamie Salau VisitJoinDonate$70Jamie Salau Jamie Salau Jourdan Thomas DeBoRah Wilson
Mrs. Maisie's Midges Amanda Ewing VisitJoinDonate$90Amanda Ewing Amanda Ewing Ryan Murphy
Mickey’s Mutt Strut page Mickey Lyons VisitIndividualDonate$45Mickey Lyons
A New Leash Emily Reynolds VisitJoinDonate$55Emily Brzezicki Jeff Kator Emily Reynolds Emily Reynolds KRISTINA WILLIAMS
chachiisgod Michael Martin VisitIndividualDonate$95Michael Martin
AshleighSpann Ashleigh Spann VisitIndividualDonate$25Michal Ann Smith Ashleigh Spann
Running For Waffles Karen Sullivan VisitJoinDonate$100Karen Sullivan Karen Sullivan Vincent Sullivan
Jeri's kids Jeri Lantzy VisitIndividualDonate$30Jeri Lantzy
DEARBORN FAMILY PET CARE CINDY CARROLL VisitJoinDonate$1,747LEIGH BRANNY Andrea Brown Michael Bucholtz CINDY CARROLL CINDY CARROLL Carley Fagan Mary Fischer Jessica Jacobs Christy Money Emily Money Brandie Perez
Scout's Family Cheryl Pettitt VisitJoinDonate$135 Carole Juliet Cheryl Pettitt Cheryl Pettitt
NikiandRoscoe Nicole Hanley VisitIndividualDonate$125Nicole Hanley
SaraShechter Sheila Shechter VisitIndividualDonate$10Sheila Shechter
Bill Wagner0 William Wagner VisitIndividualDonate$45William Wagner
Trent's Fundraising Page TRENT BALOGH VisitIndividualDonate$60TRENT BALOGH TRENT Trent
TeamBrotherBear Shelby Langert VisitIndividualDonate$75Shelby Langert
JoHughes Jo Hughes VisitIndividualDonate$75Jo Hughes
Chloe Gedert Steve Gedert VisitIndividualDonate$270Steve Gedert
Dachs Rock! Mariya Fogarasi VisitJoinDonate$45Mariya Fogarasi Mariya Fogarasi Caroline Fogarasi John Fogarasi
PNC Strutters Sheila Marable VisitJoinDonate$120Arieonna Carter James Coleman Leticia Crawford Jill Gleba Bruce Gleba Ali Hammoud Kaitlyn Hudspeth Laura Johnson-Brown Moiz Kharodawala Tara Litrich Megan Lynch Sheila Marable Sheila Marable Moiz Nada Rote Tasneem
https//sslcharityweb.netfamdmuttstrut//https glenn waldman VisitIndividualDonate$90glenn waldman
Beau's Buddies Cynthia Lewis VisitJoinDonate$70Margaret Jackman Cynthia Lewis Cynthia Lewis Jon Lewis
Team Stuart Michelle Moore VisitJoinDonate$565Linda Hill Michelle Moore Michelle Moore
https://ssl.charityweb.net/famdmuttstrut/LH.htm Robert Conrad VisitIndividualDonate$10Robert Conrad
DannySpanos Dionysios Spanos VisitIndividualDonate$175Dionysios Spanos
Ruff Riders Dania Hatahet VisitJoinDonate$25Dania Hatahet Dania Hatahet Anthony Tamborello
MuttBloods Francesca Schmidt VisitJoinDonate$135John Bozinovski Francesca Schmidt Francesca Schmidt Mary Schmidt
Gizmo & Girls Julie Wozniak VisitJoinDonate$20Julie Wozniak Cyndi Wozniak Julie Wozniak
Luna Hyde Jonathan Hyde VisitIndividualDonate$100Jonathan Hyde
Cute Kitties Gail BRITTAN VisitIndividualDonate$1,600Gail BRITTAN
RIP TANK Tricia Gajewski VisitIndividualDonate$100Tricia Gajewski
Team The ittlekittle's Kristen Kittell VisitJoinDonate$80Jeanette Bilicki Kristen Kittell Kristen Kittell
United States Steelers Fred Johns VisitJoinDonate$2,600Todd Albring Phil Allen Cary Brainard JeanMarie Brainard Henri Briche Laurie Chevrot Cindi Vallade Logan Grieser Fred Johns Fred Johns Jacqueline Lovejoy Morgan Marentic Brittany McMillan Nicholas Mezza Kyle Minton Scott Mukavitz Scott Mukavitz Rachel Mukavitz Emily Mukavitz Holly Parker Ashish Sharma Cynthia Vallade Jerry Vallade Michele VanFleteren Michele VanFleteren
MickBonitaMolina Richard Murray VisitIndividualDonate$1,015Richard Murray
Colton&Ruby Susan Ringey VisitIndividualDonate$300Susan Ringey
eldred linda user VisitIndividualDonate$115linda user
The Direwolves Kerrie Ruebelmann VisitJoinDonate$365Carleen De Luna Emily LaParl Shane LaParl Amanda Long catherine manrique Kerrie Ruebelmann Kerrie Ruebelmann Anna Wrobel
Ksterner Kimberly Sterner VisitIndividualDonate$45Kimberly Sterner
cecil Ana Campos VisitIndividualDonate$15Ana Campos
Diane Cranston Diane Cranston VisitIndividualDonate$90Diane Cranston
Oaksters Ashley Sneed VisitJoinDonate$115Amanda Anderson Tim Kozar Ashley Sneed Ashley Sneed
The Couch Potatoes Mary O’Bryan VisitJoinDonate$80 Mary Megan Mary O’Bryan Mary O’Bryan
marliesquinn@gmail.com Marlies Quinn VisitIndividualDonate$100Marlies Quinn
MaryThompson Mary Thompson VisitIndividualDonate$250Mary Thompson
Bodhi Tony McGee VisitIndividualDonate$45Tony McGee
Dbabs19 dustin babler VisitIndividualDonate$45dustin babler
Charlie715 Kristine Babler-Jones VisitJoinDonate$230Kristine Babler-Jones Kristine Babler-Jones
BarkBark Tom Fischer VisitIndividualDonate$1,045Tom Fischer
TheLittleTeam Autumn Little VisitIndividualDonate$30Autumn Little
Molly's Mutt Molly Peabody VisitIndividualDonate$15Molly Peabody
Krystlebucy Krystle Bucy VisitIndividualDonate$15Krystle Bucy
Tim ONeill Tim O'Neill VisitIndividualDonate$105Tim O'Neill
Colleen Hofelich Colleen Hofelich VisitIndividualDonate$150Colleen Hofelich
Wolfman Jason Behr VisitJoinDonate$90Jason Behr Jason Behr Noah Behr
Zoey Lauren Williamson VisitIndividualDonate$30Lauren Williamson
FoxyRoxy Elio Calderon VisitIndividualDonate$60Elio Calderon
Sierramarua Trista Litrich VisitIndividualDonate$0Trista Litrich
BeagleBuds chris stuk VisitIndividualDonate$445chris stuk
ForTheLoveOfZeus Barret Kaltz VisitIndividualDonate$15Barret Kaltz
12 Paws For A Cause Caitlin Williams VisitJoinDonate$130 Billy Caitlin Caitlin Williams Caitlin Williams
Doodle girls Laura Rodak VisitIndividualDonate$150Laura Rodak
Doodle man Laura Rodak VisitIndividualDonate$65Laura Rodak
Muddy Buddies Caroline Syms VisitJoinDonate$30Phil Robinson Caroline Syms Caroline Syms
Karen Whitsett Karen Whitsett VisitIndividualDonate$15Karen Whitsett
Linda Linda Schaub VisitIndividualDonate$45Linda Schaub
Team Destiny Kerry Caruso VisitJoinDonate$90Kerry Caruso Kerry Caruso Destiny Caruso Andrea Castaneda
Sophia Craige Hoskins VisitIndividualDonate$15Craige Hoskins
NemoMurphy Sarah Idriss VisitIndividualDonate$15Sarah Idriss
Debi Rizk Debi Rizk VisitIndividualDonate$405Debi Rizk
Henrydog Jennifer Stern VisitIndividualDonate$15Jennifer Stern
https://ssl.charityweb.net/famdmuttstrut/achahine Aneesa Chahine VisitIndividualDonate$45Aneesa Chahine
Mbeattie Majida Beattie VisitIndividualDonate$45Majida Beattie
LilPup Diane Boggs VisitIndividualDonate$45Diane Boggs
Poochie Baerbel Fischer VisitIndividualDonate$15Baerbel Fischer
Acvmcgee00@att.net Amy Mcgee VisitIndividualDonate$15Amy Mcgee
Breezy Brigade Wendy Dwyer VisitIndividualDonate$15Wendy Dwyer
N/A Nicole Prothro VisitIndividualDonate$90Nicole Prothro
https://ssl.charityweb.net/famdmuttstrut Lauren Karwan VisitIndividualDonate$45Lauren Karwan
PIETRISH Patricia Eicholtz VisitIndividualDonate$90Patricia Eicholtz
Team Schultz Tracy Schultz VisitJoinDonate$155Tracy Schultz Tracy Schultz Lexi Schultz
Stars N Strikes MMA Cristofer Klosner VisitJoinDonate$225Aaron Heinonen Cristofer Klosner Cristofer Klosner
Team K Kathleen Enersen VisitJoinDonate$30Kathleen Enersen Kathleen Enersen Kanchan Kathleen
Delani Delani Ford VisitIndividualDonate$15Delani Ford
Alan Alan Ford VisitIndividualDonate$15Alan Ford
Lindseyp Lindsey Prato VisitIndividualDonate$45Lindsey Prato
Gracie Shelley Hane VisitIndividualDonate$30Shelley Hane
Reibean Angela Culver VisitIndividualDonate$15Angela Culver
Breezys Brigade Wendy Dwyer VisitIndividualDonate$15Wendy Dwyer
savethedogs Tracy Zeld VisitIndividualDonate$45Tracy Zeld
Fur the Puppy Dawgs Sandra Bowling VisitIndividualDonate$45Sandra Bowling
Dog Momma (and Emilys too) Jan Rone VisitIndividualDonate$35Jan Rone
dorit silver dorit silver VisitIndividualDonate$30dorit silver
REMMY RUN Norma Wallis VisitJoinDonate$470Norma Wallis Norma Wallis
Magan Wasilewski Magan Wasilewski VisitIndividualDonate$45Magan Wasilewski
Lyla Anne Dobek VisitIndividualDonate$30Anne Dobek
Chloe Rayn Chloe Lewis VisitIndividualDonate$15Chloe Lewis
Christina Kelly Christina Kelly VisitIndividualDonate$15Christina Kelly
Pennies for Penny's Pals Chris Hendrickson VisitJoinDonate$15Chris Hendrickson Chris Hendrickson
pjoalexander@gmail.com M Alexander VisitIndividualDonate$15M Alexander
M Alexander VisitIndividualDonate$0
patmehl@aympatico.ca P Mehlenbacher VisitIndividualDonate$15P Mehlenbacher
Donelson Liam Donelson VisitIndividualDonate$45Liam Donelson
Petunia's Friends Amy Broglin-Peterson VisitIndividualDonate$30Amy Broglin-Peterson
sierra_ruiz Sierra Ruiz VisitIndividualDonate$35Sierra Ruiz
Hamilton Marisa Rusinowski VisitIndividualDonate$30Marisa Rusinowski
Gingerbread Man Marcellus Hammel VisitIndividualDonate$45Marcellus Hammel
Retriever Believers Jessica Nosis VisitJoinDonate$240Allie Adams Rachel Adams Sally Akroush Gracie Adams Dani Kelley Jane Kelley Sharri Kelley LuzMaria Nava Jessica Nosis Jessica Nosis Stella Nosis Alivia Nosis Madison Perkins Sarah Walkuski Gabriela Yglesias
Emma n dogs Emma Saunders VisitIndividualDonate$95Emma Saunders
Drinky Drinks Ewa Rajski VisitJoinDonate$30Roberto Carranco Ewa Rajski Ewa Rajski
Hound Squad Tara Gadwell VisitJoinDonate$45Tara Gadwell Tara Gadwell Isabel Joe
Weingarden Walkers Lorielle Weingarden VisitIndividualDonate$30Lorielle Weingarden
Heather Babler Heather Babler VisitIndividualDonate$45Heather Babler
flittleflower30@aol.com Vicki Kort VisitIndividualDonate$45Vicki Kort
mbsnyder Mary Beth Snyder VisitIndividualDonate$45Mary Beth Snyder
June & Neenah's Flight Attendant Walkers June Eden VisitJoinDonate$15June Eden June Eden
https://ssl.charityweb.net/donelson/muttstrut Eilionora Donelson VisitIndividualDonate$45Eilionora Donelson
Monty, Maddie, Rodie Karen Kline VisitJoinDonate$190Bernie Hernden Karen Kline Karen Kline
Hickory Hounds Marybeth Stergiadis VisitJoinDonate$30Marybeth Stergiadis Marybeth Stergiadis George Stergiadis
c cynthia wolfe VisitIndividualDonate$65cynthia wolfe
Mack Daddy’s Brian Cook VisitIndividualDonate$15Brian Cook
Vinnie Jr SABREEN Bazzi VisitIndividualDonate$15SABREEN Bazzi
Senior Pets Rule Lori Byers VisitIndividualDonate$515Lori Byers
Baldauf-Candela John Baldauf VisitIndividualDonate$30John Baldauf
Jacobs Team Jacob Depper VisitIndividualDonate$45Jacob Depper
Severus Maxwell Schmidt VisitIndividualDonate$30Maxwell Schmidt
Magnificent Miley Jeanie Fraser VisitIndividualDonate$115Jeanie Fraser
K&M M Tasca VisitIndividualDonate$15M Tasca
M Tasca VisitIndividualDonate$100
https://ssl.charityweb.net/famdmuttstrut/nizzi Nisreen Salka VisitIndividualDonate$30Nisreen Salka
Smith Family Jennifer Smith VisitIndividualDonate$45Jennifer Smith
Sashaball Daniel Ball VisitIndividualDonate$15Daniel Ball
Mary Moss Mary Moss VisitIndividualDonate$15Mary Moss
Huskies Stacey Lopez VisitIndividualDonate$45Stacey Lopez
PennyandBoz Michele Woodby VisitIndividualDonate$45Michele Woodby
Team Toby Eryn Severance VisitIndividualDonate$15Eryn Severance
Scarlettogingerpup Jennifer Hagaman VisitIndividualDonate$15Jennifer Hagaman
CloudNine Neliza Quijano VisitIndividualDonate$30Neliza Quijano
https://ssl.charityweb.net/famdmuttstrut/carloshue Lauren Kozlowski VisitIndividualDonate$30Lauren Kozlowski
Hank Elizabeth Smith VisitIndividualDonate$45Elizabeth Smith
Fadianakih Nadia Fakih VisitIndividualDonate$45Nadia Fakih
kcarlhines@earthlink.net Karen Carlson-Baxter VisitIndividualDonate$15Karen Carlson-Baxter