Support AK Steelers in the Mutt Strut Walk & Run 2019



  • AK Steel Foundation
  • Middletown Community Foundation
  • Jennifer Fields
  • Ronnita Norval:
    Go Howell Team!
  • Michelle Ivey
  • Marlene Bankwitz
  • Lynn Radzilowski:
    In memory of Chester, Chelsea, Hooper, and Luckey.
  • Todd Johnson
  • Dan Gordon
  • Ron & Chris Radzilowski
  • Chris Kalasky:
    Great job and good luck AK Steelers!
  • Jan Spalding:
    In Loving Memory of Heidi, Belle, & Skipper.
  • Antonella Didomenico:
    Good Luck!!
  • James Cislo:
    I miss Khloe
  • Douglas Moceri:
  • Tina DeCaussin
  • Tina DeCaussin
  • Tina DeCaussin
  • leonard skrypiec:
  • DeAngelo Pope:
    Remembering my dog Fireball
  • Keith Dumond
  • Jim McCabe:
    In loving memory of Gus.
  • Glenda Knight
  • Nancy Scherden:
    Great cause!!!! Go Jim!!!!
  • Brian & Becky McCabe
  • Jason Sykes
  • Mark Winston:
    GO ROB! Great cause and go get 'em!
  • Terri Czerwinski
  • Dave & Jennifer Iwick:
    Awesome cause! Very proud of ya! Best of luck!
  • Gail Soave
  • Lynne Haddix
  • Sylvia McCabe:
    In memory of Chloe and Gus. Good Luck My Jim!
  • Rob Howell
  • Tammy Petty
  • Matt Gielow:
    For the dawgs
  • Tamra Leclaire
  • John Wilkinson
  • Melissa Cogar:
    In memory of Gus,Bristol,P.D,Borris,Tiffany, Lady,Juice,Max,Bailey. Great cause,Good Luck Jim!
  • Denise Johnson:
    In Loving Memory of Caesar
  • AK Steel
  • Rob Howell

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- AK Steelers