Support Elaine's Victory in the Mutt Strut Walk & Run 2019



  • Colleen Robar
  • MaryAnn Wright:
    Thank you for all you do for our organization Elaine!!
  • Kathleen Blackney:
    In loveing memory of my cousin Joseph Korte
  • Kimberly Cross
  • Julie Walker
  • Laurie Buhr
  • sophie bozek
  • Phyllis Moore
  • Alice Humphries:
    Good Luck Elaine
  • Kari Korte:
    Good luck!! ❤️🐶🐱
  • Marnie Ferraro
  • Allison Fishwick Group Inc.:
    In memory of Joseph Korte
  • Kathy Korte:
    In memory of Joe Korte - a wonderful husband, great father & grandfather.
  • Mary Dante:
    In memory of Chandler & Joey
  • Elaine Greene
  • Beth Siroskey
  • Melissa Bissett

Victory and Margarita are pups that were saved from desperate situations by the Friends. They are the center and light of our home and cannot imagine life without them.  Donations to this cause will help more animals in need and give more families the opportunity to know the wonderful feeling of rescuing a shelter pet.

Thank you for your support

- Elaine Greene