Support Julie, Jeremy, & Jeffrey in the Mutt Strut Walk & Run 2019



  • Julia Benyo
  • Leslie Benyo:
    Ready, set, HEEL. Good dog!

A shelter pet is a best friend for life!  I can't imagine why anyone would mistreat, neglect or give up on a dog as amazing as Jeffrey, but their loss is our gain.  We feel so lucky for the opportunity to provide him with a happy, active, and loving home, which would not have been possible without the hard work and care of shelter staff and volunteers.  (Full disclosure:  Jeffrey came from a different shelter, but we're thinking of getting him a brother or sister from FAMD.)

FAMD is a great cause to support.  Check out their website to see all the awesome things they're doing.  If you want to walk with us, join our pack!  If not, please consider helping out with a donation.  Any amount would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!!

- Julie, Jeremy, & Jeffrey