Support KathleenLash in the Mutt Strut Walk & Run 2019



  • Suzanne Johnson
  • Kimberly Cross
  • Pat Ludwig
  • Al Kammerer
  • MaryAnn Wright:
    Thank you for all that you do for the animals, the board and the entire FAMD team!
  • Josh Beurer
  • Julie Walker:
    Good luck!!
  • Marianne Romeo
  • Laurie Buhr:
    For you and Cupcake and all the animals that need a second chance!
  • Michael Lash
  • Patricia Lash
  • sophie bozek
  • Judy Katona
  • The Victors
  • The Geschkes
  • Karen Lash:
    God Bless You, My Dear Cousin...for all the loving work you do on behalf of the animals!
  • pamela thorpe
  • Fairlane Grounds Staff

I am Mutt Strutting for FAMD because of my 2 adopted cats, Klaus and Tabatha and my recently adopted "Miss Bossy Boots" Cupcake.  I love being part of the FAMD team and enjoy spending time with shelter animals.  My greatest wish is for all the shelter animals to find safe and loving homes.  So while they wait at the shelter, they need food to keep their bellies full, sometimes medication or special medical needs to keep them healthy and toys and treats for enrichment to keep them happy. Please consider donating to my page.  We need your support. The animals truly deserve the best we can give them.

Thank You!

Love, Kathy, Klaus, Tabatha and Cupcake!