Support Shelter Staff Strutters in the Mutt Strut Walk & Run 2019



  • Deborah Stewart
  • Adriane Freeman:
    Go Kels!!
  • Joanne Murdoch
  • Deborah Stewart
  • MaryAnn Wright:
    Thank you Kelsey!
  • Colleen Robar:
    Thanks for all you do for the animals!
  • Constance Bailey:
    Thank you on behalf of all the fur babies!
  • Tyler Stineman:
    Thank you Kelsey!
  • Jacqulyne Ali:
    Go FAMD!!!
  • Tiana McCoy
  • MaryAnn Wright:
    Thank you Trish — you so so much for our animals and are so generous with your time, love and home.
  • Megan LaFave:
    Thank you for all you do!! ❤️🙏🐾
  • Julie Walker
  • Jennifer Huckleberry
  • Candace Hodge:
    Get ‘em girl!
  • Patricia Danielson
  • Keith Emmert
  • Donna Donati:
    Good luck on meeting your goal Andi Aunt Donna
  • CJ Chrzastek
  • Paula Nedzinskas
  • Danielle Gertz
  • Jacqulyne Ali
  • Diana Lenaway:
    Love, Boomer & Bubba Gehrke
  • Dreama Pinkowski
  • Elaine Greene:
    Happy B-day
  • Charlene Kuentz
  • Jennifer Brodziak
  • Danielle Hook
  • Monica Hankins
  • Sheila Shechter
  • Ali Nezhad:
    The work you guys do is Amazing!
  • David Kuentz
  • Phyllis Moore
  • Phyllis Moore
  • Phyllis Moore
  • Phyllis Moore
  • Tracy Balazy
  • Arla Thomas:
    Good Linda and thanks for all you do!
  • Rita Brancheau:
    Glad to help sister
  • Maggie Mikulski-Diamond:
  • Maggie Mikulski-Diamond:
    Thanks for teaching me so much good stuff about making life better for dogs
  • Maggie Mikulski-Diamond
  • Maggie Mikulski-Diamond
  • Maggie Mikulski-Diamond
  • Gay Givens
  • Colleen Foster:
    Thanks for all you do for the animals. xo
  • JoAnn Lenhart
  • Kennard Knott
  • Paula HamiltonStokes:
    (( <3 ))
  • Sarahlee Knapp
  • Kathleen Kade
  • Carol Olthof
  • Shelter Staff:
    Paint Your Pet Event!
  • Lucy Duprey
  • Heather Bazzi
  • Ashley Brosious:
    From Jake, Dex (aka Troy) and Rio.
  • Kaleigh Borushko
  • Dana Kornberg:
    strut your stuff love!
  • Martha Breslow
  • Kelsey Wynn
  • Scott Diamond
  • Deborah Stewart
  • Rob and Chris Denis
  • Elaine Greene:
    happy B-day
  • Kathryn Tamborino:
    This donation is in memory of Jerry Noonchester.

We are the employees of the shelter and want to help the animals by raising funds for the life saving work that we do.

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- Shelter Staff Strutters