When registering for the Mutt Strut you can participate as an Individual Walker or as part of a Pack (a team of 2 or more people). If you have a few friends, co-workers or family members that want to join you on Walk Day by raising funds themselves, this is a great way to get everyone involved. Companies also form Packs as a teambuilding exercise for their employees and a way of making their companies more philanthropic.

Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
Gunner's Steely Runners Fred Johns VisitJoinDonate$715Abigail Hall Fred Johns Fred Johns Michele VanFleteren
bova Carrie Bova VisitIndividualDonate$200Carrie Bova
Victory's Vision Elaine Greene VisitIndividualDonate$1,580Elaine Greene
HeatherMehi Heather Mehi VisitIndividualDonate$8,161Heather Mehi Heather Mehi
Sandra Haywood Sandra Haywood VisitIndividualDonate$0Sandra Haywood
Blue's Weimaraner Records and Friends cindy orlandi VisitJoinDonate$85Janet Ellsworth Jamie Ellsworth Janet Ellsworth Jamie Ellsworth cindy orlandi cindy orlandi
Shelter Staff Strutters Linda Thomas VisitJoinDonate$6,648 Leigh Allen Danielle Katie Johnson Emily Kirby Kathleen Lash Danielle Leonard Trish O'Donnell Sarah Rood Linda Thomas Linda Thomas Kelsey Wynn
none Colleen Robar VisitIndividualDonate$45Colleen Robar
HappyDoge Cristen Matteocci VisitJoinDonate$110Serif Dedic Jenny Genow Jennifer G Jackleen Joseph Cristen Matteocci Cristen Matteocci
JAGER Chelsea Long VisitIndividualDonate$25Chelsea Long
V^2 Victoria Hinojosa VisitJoinDonate$50Victoria Cote Victoria Hinojosa Victoria Hinojosa
Gus's 1st Mutt Strut! Sarah Luckow VisitIndividualDonate$300Sarah Luckow
DaisyMae Alyse Ferrante VisitIndividualDonate$160Alyse Ferrante
Dearborn Family Pet Care Cheryl Good VisitJoinDonate$2,819 Brandie Diana Brang Andrea Brown Carley carley Cindy Carroll Carley Fagan Carley Fagan Cheryl Good Cheryl Good Jess Kimberly Emily Lobkovich Alison Lobkovich Christy Money Emily Money Brandie Perez Elizabeth Ronan Kimberly Williams
BananaButt Lauren Toma VisitJoinDonate$45Rachel Borduin Jeffrey Ostell Lauren Toma Lauren Toma
Muddy Buddies Caroline Syms VisitJoinDonate$25Phil Robinson Caroline Syms Caroline Syms
Puppy Lovers Alex Cattelan VisitJoinDonate$2,010Alex Cattelan Alex Cattelan Isabella Cattelan
Scarlets 1st Strut! Daryan Richmond VisitJoinDonate$25Jake Illes Michelle Illes Dianna Rattanni Daryan Richmond Daryan Richmond Darlene Richmond
Darting Doggos Taylor Bonarek VisitJoinDonate$655 Alex Wheldon Amanda Taylor Bonarek Taylor Bonarek Erika Bonarek Susan Bonarek Brian Amanda Burnham Megan Cook Rashay Correia Krysta Friedrich Cheryl Seasock Susan Bonarek Alexandra Wheldon Joyce Wheldon Lisa Wypych
Scooby doo Shelby Langert VisitJoinDonate$50Shelby Langert Shelby Langert Deborah Langert
Team Quite Fetching Stefanie Huffman VisitJoinDonate$125Margret Eastman Elizabeth Holler Stefanie Huffman Stefanie Huffman Kathleen Huffman Richard Huffman Kathleen Huffman Liz
Little Rascals Danielle Spindleman VisitJoinDonate$0 Aubry Riley Danielle Spindleman Danielle Spindleman
Sully_TheShepherdLife Caitlyn Albrant VisitIndividualDonate$25Caitlyn Albrant
Team Bandit Helen Michalski VisitJoinDonate$120Helen Michalski Helen Michalski Richard Michalski Megan Michalski
Penny's Puppy Patrol Nick Woodby VisitJoinDonate$120Michele Balding Debbie Balding David Lytle Matthew Olson Eryn Severance Nick Woodby Nick Woodby
Sammy Bammy's Family! Laura Stupyra VisitJoinDonate$20Ron Blaszczyk Laura Stupyra Laura Stupyra
Luna & pals Leslie Arsenault VisitJoinDonate$0Leslie Arsenault Leslie Arsenault Adam Arsenault
Paws for the Cause paul darke VisitJoinDonate$125paul darke paul darke Shelby Darke Tristen Franklin Kellie Kellie Leporowski
EttaLove Jennifer Paugh VisitIndividualDonate$100Jennifer Paugh
Natalie&Anya Natalie Chortos VisitIndividualDonate$245Natalie Chortos
Daisy’s Dollops Susan Milligan VisitJoinDonate$0 Brandon Susan Milligan Susan Milligan Susan
Doggie Power Andrea Kuentz VisitJoinDonate$500Andrea Kuentz Andrea Kuentz Ian Kuentz
Cody's Crew Cheryl Vink VisitJoinDonate$0 Benji Cathie Cindy Gery Matt Cheryl Vink Cheryl Vink
Rescued Furrrever Jessica Drabing VisitIndividualDonate$160Jessica Drabing
The Sassy Super Puppers VisitJoinDonate$0 Jamie Laura
AlexisLanae Alexis Young VisitIndividualDonate$0Alexis Young
Dani Leroux & Toby Dani Leroux VisitIndividualDonate$350Dani Leroux
Calypso the Brewery Dog - Dearborn Brewing Sheila Rucinski VisitJoinDonate$554Anastasia Bremmer Phyllis Hunt Barret Kaltz PJ Sheila Rucinski Sheila Rucinski John Rucinski Rebecca Trujillo Zeus
Buhr Friends and Family Laurie Buhr VisitJoinDonate$3,070Joe Bartell Sophie Bozek Laurie Buhr Laurie Buhr Kristina Buhr Amy Felsted Kristina Mary Rooney
Mal Mom Becki Kenderes VisitJoinDonate$0John Class Becki Kenderes Becki Kenderes
Beasts and their Beauties Theresa Eicher VisitJoinDonate$100Theresa Eicher Theresa Eicher
Karen Keefe & Bob Karen Keefe VisitIndividualDonate$0Karen Keefe
Running For Waffles Karen Sullivan VisitJoinDonate$280Karen Sullivan Karen Sullivan Vincent Sullivan
Molly & Gordie Matthew Schultz VisitJoinDonate$100Matthew Schultz Matthew Schultz Renee Schultz
mimimardiros1@ymail.com Mimi Mardiros VisitIndividualDonate$125Mimi Mardiros
Lori Byers Lori Byers VisitIndividualDonate$500Lori Byers
Small but Mighty Iris Rosado VisitJoinDonate$125Dana Goodman Iris Rosado Iris Rosado Sabrina Rosado Sabrina
Molly mutt struter Rick Szatanski VisitIndividualDonate$135Rick Szatanski
AK Steelers Team Captain - Marlene Bankwitz VisitJoinDonate$11,314 Schaefer Court West - Rob Howell / Katalin Rye CCM - Amanda Gravelle PLTCM - Brittney Duprey AK Steel Corporate Match UAW - Howard Danzy Schaefer Court East- Denise Johnson Blast Furnace - Edgar Freeman Caster - Eric Marshall Hot Mill - Marlowe Harrison HDGL - Heather Nay Ironmaking - Jim Cislo/Edgar Freeman Team Captain - Marlene Bankwitz Team Captain - Marlene Bankwitz Jim McCabe BOF - Randy Parker
Team Finley Colleen McBride VisitJoinDonate$185Tyler Kendle Colleen McBride Colleen McBride
Winston's Walkies Ramelle Gilliland VisitJoinDonate$1,105Peggy Ramelle Gilliland Ramelle Gilliland Peggy Gniewek Judy Muller
FAMD Volunteer Group Kari Castillo VisitJoinDonate$905Kari Castillo Kari Castillo Stacie Catalano Melissa Doyle Melissa Connie VanDeneede
Team Thor Stephanie Roth VisitJoinDonate$95Stephanie Roth Stephanie Roth
margarette raschke MARGARETTE RASCHKE VisitIndividualDonate$0MARGARETTE RASCHKE
Michaelarnutter Michaela Nutter VisitIndividualDonate$0Michaela Nutter
Franks n Beans Kohl Franklin & Family! VisitJoinDonate$90Douglas Bahl Christine Bahl Kohl Franklin & Family! Kohl Franklin & Family! Elizabeth Houghtaling
Leif The Lucky Alex Alex, Anna-Marie, and Leif VisitJoinDonate$190Alex Alex, Anna-Marie, and Leif Alex Alex, Anna-Marie, and Leif Anna-Marie Struble
Lions, Tigers and Pits oh my William Helton VisitJoinDonate$0William Helton William Helton
Caryns canine cruisers Caryn Janssen VisitIndividualDonate$45Caryn Janssen
marliesquinn Marlies Quinn VisitIndividualDonate$150Marlies Quinn
Team Paige Linda Grundy VisitIndividualDonate$200Linda Grundy
In honor of Spike Karen DiLaura VisitIndividualDonate$45Karen DiLaura
In honor of Spike 2 Karen DiLaura VisitIndividualDonate$45Karen DiLaura Karen DiLaura
Briggs Riquele Barranger VisitIndividualDonate$0Riquele Barranger
Andrea Andrea Bell VisitIndividualDonate$0Andrea Bell
Brandy Woof! Peggy McClish VisitIndividualDonate$50Peggy McClish
Willow Kristin Rorick VisitIndividualDonate$45Kristin Rorick
No Shame In Doin A Run Arielle Nabors VisitJoinDonate$180Arielle Nabors Arielle Nabors Jonathan Nabors Xing Zhou Andrea Zhou
Dawn Dawn Cummings VisitIndividualDonate$45Dawn Cummings
The Lewis Family Cynthia Lewis VisitIndividualDonate$35Cynthia Lewis
Barry’s Buddies Kristen Gibson VisitIndividualDonate$0Kristen Gibson
Jacobs Team Jacob Depper VisitIndividualDonate$45Jacob Depper
https://ssl.charityweb.net/josey/muttstrut Leanne Campbell VisitIndividualDonate$30Leanne Campbell
n/a Donna Baker VisitIndividualDonate$50Donna Baker
Julie & Rikki's Walk for Animals Julie Ader VisitIndividualDonate$190Julie Ader
We are family!! Jan Rone VisitJoinDonate$60Mary Kirby Jan Rone Jan Rone
Penny Phillips Penny Phillips VisitJoinDonate$0Penny Phillips Penny Phillips
MichellePrather Michelle Prather VisitIndividualDonate$0Michelle Prather
Zoe Acker Zoe Acker VisitIndividualDonate$1,050Zoe Acker
Shelter animals HEATHER FAY VisitIndividualDonate$130HEATHER FAY
Molson's Fans Rosanne Domanski VisitJoinDonate$30Darlene Cline Rosanne Domanski Rosanne Domanski Donna Nowak
Team Bow Wow Juanita Stanton VisitJoinDonate$30Trinity Mann Juanita Stanton Juanita Stanton
Sweet Paws Tanya Trembath VisitJoinDonate$0Emmitt Meade Tanya Trembath Tanya Trembath
O’Connell Samantha O’Connell VisitIndividualDonate$20Samantha O’Connell
City Sniffers Stephanie Galasso VisitJoinDonate$90Stephanie Galasso Stephanie Galasso Rosa Galasso
Daffodil’s Mutt Strut Bethany Nutter VisitIndividualDonate$0Bethany Nutter
The A Team Amber Spicer VisitJoinDonate$0Angel Campbell Amanda Messersmith Amber Spicer Amber Spicer
SB/DB Walkers Sheryl Bieniak VisitIndividualDonate$100Sheryl Bieniak
VetSelect Kathryn Ray VisitJoinDonate$250Kathy Dobies Kathryn Kathryn Ray Kathryn Ray Linda Schrier
Aria & Kelly Kelly Anderson VisitIndividualDonate$45Kelly Anderson
krabach amy krabach VisitIndividualDonate$90amy krabach
Team Bark Tom Fischer VisitIndividualDonate$1,260Tom Fischer
Cindi Cynthia Feistel VisitIndividualDonate$45Cynthia Feistel
WALLIS WAGGERS Norma Wallis VisitJoinDonate$545Norma Wallis Norma Wallis
Isabella's Mutt Strut Fundraising Isabella Sabellico VisitIndividualDonate$30Isabella Sabellico
Buddy's 5K waddle William Wagner VisitIndividualDonate$45William Wagner
Kristen Kittell - ittlekittle Kristen Kittell VisitIndividualDonate$50Kristen Kittell
Gail Brittan Gail BRITTAN VisitIndividualDonate$1,625Gail BRITTAN
Cuddly Cotons Elizabeth Clemence VisitIndividualDonate$265Elizabeth Clemence
Chloe's Strut 2018 Steve Gedert VisitIndividualDonate$100Steve Gedert
Colleen Hofelich Colleen Hofelich VisitIndividualDonate$295Colleen Hofelich
Meghan McGrath Meghan McGrath VisitIndividualDonate$45Meghan McGrath
Tim O'Neill Tim O'Neill VisitIndividualDonate$85Tim O'Neill
My Ambitionz az a Berner Chelsea Conroy VisitJoinDonate$470Chelsea Conroy Chelsea Conroy John Rempel
Telephone Vincent Sabatini VisitJoinDonate$90 Christina Sabatini Vincent Sabatini Vincent Sabatini
nWo Michael Nieporte VisitJoinDonate$100 Kristen Cowell Michael Nieporte Michael Nieporte
Jurassic Bark Ashley Parks VisitJoinDonate$95Colby Demare Scott Kennedy Scott Kennedy Ashley Parks Ashley Parks Ken Ruffner
Bawols Support Puppies Rachel Bawol VisitJoinDonate$90Rachel Bawol Rachel Bawol Annelyse Bawol
Dayle-ightful Dogs Dayle Brushaber VisitJoinDonate$527Dayle Brushaber Dayle Brushaber Kelly Brushaber Lindsey Clair Kelly Clair
Scout's Family Cheryl Pettitt VisitJoinDonate$150Cheryl Pettitt Cheryl Pettitt
Walk with Arlo Rebecca Ewald VisitIndividualDonate$25Rebecca Ewald
Bo’s Buddy’s Nicole Nelson VisitJoinDonate$85Nicole Nelson Nicole Nelson
Team Hunter Sherry Perry VisitJoinDonate$135Sherry Perry Sherry Perry Jesse Perry Julia Perry
GS #70090_we_love_animals! Julie Julie(troop leader) VisitJoinDonate$270 CL Julie Julie(troop leader) Julie Julie(troop leader) LK SH SK SW
Cudapup Jackson Robar VisitIndividualDonate$45Jackson Robar
mayathedestroyer Sujana Satish VisitIndividualDonate$0Sujana Satish
https://ssl.charityweb.net/quinleyfamily/muttstrut Ashley Quinley VisitIndividualDonate$0Ashley Quinley
Pug love! Tricia Gajewski VisitIndividualDonate$145Tricia Gajewski
Hannah Robar Hannah Robar VisitIndividualDonate$45Hannah Robar
Karen Sanders Karen Sanders VisitIndividualDonate$3,125Karen Sanders
carlosandhuey Lauren Kozlowski VisitIndividualDonate$0Lauren Kozlowski
Lane Gang Alina Lane VisitJoinDonate$0Alina Lane Alina Lane
elainelteif Elaine Lteif VisitIndividualDonate$200Elaine Lteif Elaine Lteif
Molly-Olly OxenFree Arthur McGraw VisitJoinDonate$105 Arthur Barbara Arthur McGraw Arthur McGraw
KB & Teddy Kaleigh Borushko VisitIndividualDonate$260Kaleigh Borushko
Team Fazio Jennifer Fazio VisitJoinDonate$200Jennifer Fazio Jennifer Fazio John Fazio Jack Fazio Gwen Fazio
Peanut and fwends Clarisse Andrus VisitIndividualDonate$45Clarisse Andrus
Colton&Ruby Susan Ringey VisitIndividualDonate$600Susan Ringey
Doctors office katie fallat VisitIndividualDonate$135katie fallat
amyfaunce Amy Faunce VisitIndividualDonate$0Amy Faunce Amy Faunce
rhondaperez Rhonda Perez VisitIndividualDonate$50Rhonda Perez
Ruger Jamie Salau VisitIndividualDonate$0Jamie Salau
Thunder Dogs Olivia Jeris VisitJoinDonate$300 Chloe Noelani Conahan Chloe Ferrari Olivia Jeris Olivia Jeris Lucy Skyler Newman Lucy Nordin Olivia Soleil Ponce de Leon Matthew Rostker Skyler Soleil
roundtable6 Skull Squad Steve Pitsillos VisitJoinDonate$300Barb Grant Stephanie Hirschfield Jeff Kator Ryan Knoblock Chelsea Knoblock Jessica Levin Mary McCormick Tom Novik Steve Pitsillos Steve Pitsillos Sarah Robert Stacey Terenzi Chrissie Wright
paisleypup Katie Moylan VisitIndividualDonate$50Katie Moylan
Pibble Pack Amanda Levitt VisitJoinDonate$0Amanda Levitt Amanda Levitt
Team Muffinbutt Sarah Mertz VisitJoinDonate$50Joshua Lisiecki Sarah Mertz Sarah Mertz
TeamStuart Michelle Moore VisitJoinDonate$2,300Robert Conrad Linda Hill Elizabeth Mashike Michelle Moore Michelle Moore
Willow- Puggle!Rescue Adrianna Soranno VisitJoinDonate$25Frank Roberts Adrianna Soranno Adrianna Soranno
haileycummings Hailey Cummings VisitIndividualDonate$0Hailey Cummings
daniellesawyer Danielle Sawyer VisitJoinDonate$90Vanessa Mendoza-Piñon Danielle Sawyer Danielle Sawyer
Nala-roo's Brittany MacMartin VisitJoinDonate$50Ethan Daniels Brittany MacMartin Brittany MacMartin Allison MacMartin
Sadie and Tango Jennifer Dickey VisitIndividualDonate$415Jennifer Dickey
JoHughes Jo Hughes VisitIndividualDonate$50Jo Hughes
Stuk's Mutt Strut Donation Page chris stuk VisitIndividualDonate$515chris stuk
Strut with Peaches! Marissa Eanes VisitIndividualDonate$25Marissa Eanes
Bear’s Day Michael Wilkie VisitIndividualDonate$50Michael Wilkie
brianamcdonald Briana McDonald VisitIndividualDonate$0Briana McDonald
TLZfromTaylor Tracie Zettler VisitIndividualDonate$0Tracie Zettler
Bulldog Love Raychel Madin VisitJoinDonate$90Raychel Madin Raychel Madin Mary Madin
Pennies for Penny's Pals Chris Hendrickson VisitJoinDonate$45Chris Hendrickson Chris Hendrickson Paula Yocum Larry Yocum Larry Yocum Paula Yocum
Individual Janel Carter VisitIndividualDonate$90Janel Carter
KiKi’s mama Felicia Ford VisitIndividualDonate$45Felicia Ford
Honey Badgers Scott Wilson VisitJoinDonate$135 Chris Trevarthen Scott Mary Beth Snyder Christopher Trevarthen Scott Wilson Scott Wilson
Crowley Hood Mutts Tracy Schultz VisitJoinDonate$0Tracy Schultz Tracy Schultz Lexi Schultz
Howlers Corey Peterson VisitJoinDonate$100 Corey Eric Michael S Corey Peterson Corey Peterson Danielle S Michael Salowitz Taylor
Bunny's Fur Page Rima Berry-Hung VisitIndividualDonate$90Rima Berry-Hung
Ollie and Annie Marissa Friedman VisitJoinDonate$0Marissa Friedman Marissa Friedman Jessica Marissa
Nimbus the Destroyer & Others Zachary Pichette VisitJoinDonate$25Natalie Krupa Lara Natalie Zachary Pichette Zachary Pichette Lara Willmarth
Kathleen Kathleen Fernandez VisitIndividualDonate$0Kathleen Fernandez
TeamBeag Scott Fernandez VisitIndividualDonate$0Scott Fernandez
MuttBloods Francesca Schmidt VisitJoinDonate$135John Bozinovski Francesca Schmidt Francesca Schmidt Mary Schmidt
adventuresofcharlieandmolly Molly Needham VisitIndividualDonate$95Molly Needham
SarahH Sarah Huebscher VisitIndividualDonate$0Sarah Huebscher
Minnie Donna Wright VisitJoinDonate$105Jonna Ferguson Devyn Harvey Donna Wright Donna Wright Alan Wright
Steve & Erica Stephen Jarrell VisitIndividualDonate$0Stephen Jarrell
Lashes4Leashes Jennifer Harrison VisitJoinDonate$0Jennifer Harrison Jennifer Harrison Jeff Jennifer
BGT Crew Porsha Blakey VisitJoinDonate$430Porsha Blakey Porsha Blakey Luv'Anias Fortune Lisa Henderson Rhea Jackson De'Leon McDaniel
sueahetman@yahoo.com/famdmuttstrut2018 Sue Hetman VisitIndividualDonate$0Sue Hetman
Little Dog Big Bark Paul Zafarana VisitJoinDonate$165Paul Zafarana Paul Zafarana Stephanie Zafarana
Walking with Ruger Chsrla Salau VisitIndividualDonate$0Chsrla Salau
dbabs dustin babler VisitIndividualDonate$70dustin babler
Juke Poppie Courtney McDowell VisitJoinDonate$0Courtney McDowell Courtney McDowell Steven McDowell
Kittenpurs78@yahoo.com Josh Asher VisitIndividualDonate$45Josh Asher
Pooch parade MONICA SARKAR VisitJoinDonate$25Michael Aquilina Randy Dickerson Michelle Stephanie Pickering Michelle Pickering Randy MONICA SARKAR MONICA SARKAR
Markandmaggie Mark Stanow VisitIndividualDonate$0Mark Stanow
Luna Bear Fatima Nemer VisitJoinDonate$0Fatima Nemer Fatima Nemer Nemer
Trosenza Ashley Cosenza VisitJoinDonate$0Ashley Cosenza Ashley Cosenza Aaron Trosclair
Jacky Dan and Lucy Jacklyn Carrillo VisitIndividualDonate$25Jacklyn Carrillo
Danny Spanos Dionysios Spanos VisitIndividualDonate$45Dionysios Spanos
Lprato Lindsey Prato VisitIndividualDonate$45Lindsey Prato
Something Brian Jelinski VisitIndividualDonate$160Brian Jelinski
ShelbyStrutt Matthew Dodge VisitIndividualDonate$50Matthew Dodge
DEE KC AND ME! Jeri Lantzy VisitJoinDonate$50Jeri Lantzy Jeri Lantzy
Danvers Lane Porch Gang Buffy Beattie VisitJoinDonate$50Buffy Beattie Buffy Beattie Bradley Johnson
Kaycee's Fur-ever Family Allison Bengtsson VisitJoinDonate$0Allison Bengtsson Allison Bengtsson Trevor Bengtsson
Morgan&Maizie Cheryl Hodgkinson VisitIndividualDonate$50Cheryl Hodgkinson
mutt strut2018 Connie Bilicki VisitIndividualDonate$306Connie Bilicki
kris & charlie kristine Babler-Jones VisitIndividualDonate$200kristine Babler-Jones
RPM Richard Murray VisitIndividualDonate$300Richard Murray
Team Scottie and Rusty Angela Huspen VisitJoinDonate$100Angela Huspen Angela Huspen Linda Pellerito
Team Otis Nicole Prothro VisitJoinDonate$0Nicole Prothro Nicole Prothro Stephen Prothro
Carly’s Rascals Gary Enos VisitIndividualDonate$210Gary Enos
Seymour Dana Kabbani VisitJoinDonate$0Mallie Abdulhadi Dana Kabbani Dana Kabbani Ayman Salem
Team Kenz Meghan McGrath VisitIndividualDonate$45Meghan McGrath
singleydogs Mariana Torres VisitIndividualDonate$0Mariana Torres
Meganberner Megan Berner VisitIndividualDonate$90Megan Berner
Pumpkin & Calvin's Mom Megan Buckley VisitIndividualDonate$45Megan Buckley
Belknap Judith Belknap VisitIndividualDonate$500Judith Belknap
Mutt Strutt Debi Rizk VisitIndividualDonate$130Debi Rizk
Santa’s Little Helpers Dania Hatahet VisitJoinDonate$50Dania Hatahet Dania Hatahet Anthony Tamborello
Mercyworsey Mercy Preston VisitIndividualDonate$70Mercy Preston
Didi wants to run Scott Diamond VisitIndividualDonate$100Scott Diamond
WOOFGANG Shelby Holland VisitJoinDonate$120 Derek Shelby Holland Shelby Holland Shelby
Percynfriends Rania Chehadeh VisitIndividualDonate$0Rania Chehadeh
Team LudOso Chris Bates VisitJoinDonate$20Chris Bates Chris Bates Janet Bates
Lagoose Janki Chandarana VisitIndividualDonate$45Janki Chandarana
brittanywenzel Brittany Wenzel VisitIndividualDonate$0Brittany Wenzel
Wandering wyatt Thai-Duong Cung VisitIndividualDonate$0Thai-Duong Cung
Rodie and Maddie Karen Kline VisitIndividualDonate$100Karen Kline
hernden Bernadine Hernden VisitIndividualDonate$50Bernadine Hernden
independent Jennifer Lusk VisitIndividualDonate$90Jennifer Lusk
Thorshammer Keven Harris VisitIndividualDonate$0Keven Harris
CoopersPeeps Shayna Smith VisitIndividualDonate$45Shayna Smith
cooper Khalil Boussi VisitIndividualDonate$45Khalil Boussi
levosinski Elizabeth Levosinski VisitIndividualDonate$45Elizabeth Levosinski
Corrine Sanders Karen Sanders VisitJoinDonate$45Karen Sanders Karen Sanders
Hadley Sanders Karen Sanders VisitJoinDonate$45Karen Sanders Karen Sanders
pamkischuk Pam Kischuk VisitIndividualDonate$75Pam Kischuk
https://ssl.charityweb.net/famdmuttstrut/heatherg Heather Garavaglia VisitIndividualDonate$45Heather Garavaglia
The Bark Side Lauren Fergus VisitJoinDonate$0Joby Cuellar Lauren Fergus Lauren Fergus
kcmackley Kasey Mackley VisitIndividualDonate$45Kasey Mackley