Support BethKanofsky in the 2021 15th Annual Valentine Plunge

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A message from BethKanofsky

Between February 1 - 28, 2021 the 15th Annual Valentine Plunge will be virtual.  Hundreds of us around Monmouth County and beyond will choose to jump in icy ocean water as an act of solidarity with our local PALS (People with ALS) because they are conquering immensely greater fears every minute of every day. 

The "plunge" we're asking you to make doesn't involve freezing cold water -- but it will make a big splash in the lives of our PALS. Simply click the "Donate" button above to make a secure online donation today.  

Thanks for joining the family!

- Beth Kanofsky


Allan Weinberg

In memory of our beautiful friend, Sindy Weiner, Love Allan & Robin Weinberg

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In memory of Sindy Weiner

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In memory of a wonderful friend, Sindy Weiner, who was loved and is missed by so many.

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In Honor of BK making the plunge! Love Ellie and Jon

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We love you, Beth!

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Beth Kanofsky

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In honor and in memory of my sweet Aunt, Rosemary Callaghan.

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