Support Do it for Lou! in the 2020 14th Annual Valentine Plunge

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A message from Do it for Lou!

On February 1, 2020 the 14th Annual Valentine Plunge brings together a brotherhood of family, friends, community and heart!  

Jumping in 32 degree water in the middle of the winter has to be the stupidest idea ever...but Lou knew I would do it for him. He asked me to join the cause in 2017... It was a no brainer for me. Joan Dancy & PALS were monumental in the next few years to come. This year, unfortunately is a little different, we will be doing it in his honor and memory. He will not be here to greet us in person after we run out of the water, but I know he will be watching from above.

I know Lou wanted to kick ALS but it is still uncurbable.  He encouraged us all  to raise money to help those who suffer, heighten awareness of the disease, and support research.  My heart & prayers will be with Lou aways...Thank you for your support.

Thanks for joining the family!

- Do it for Lou!