Support Drew Clancy in the 2022 16th Annual Valentine Plunge

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A message from Drew Clancy

We take part in the annual Valentine Plunge to raise funds to care for people in our communities living with ALS. We are taking this plunge in honor of my "big" cousin Michael Clancy, who was diagnosed with ALS in August 2016.

Jumping in 32 degree water in the middle of the winter has to be the stupidest idea ever. The icy plunge goes against all of your natural instincts but most of us are going out for the fourteenth year in a row as an act of solidarity with our local PALS because they are conquering immensely greater fears every minute of every day. The spirit of the day is incredibly uplifting. To see hundreds of people come together to help their neighbors in need is just beautiful.

The "plunge" we're asking you to make doesn't involve freezing cold water -- but it will make a big splash in the lives of our PALS. Simply click the "Donate" button above to make a secure online donation today.  

Thank you to our numerous donors, both past and present!

- Drew and Clancy's Crew


Tom Phillips

Robert McCarthy

Lillian Waldenmaier

Bridget Lally

In support of all on the team and in honor of all who endure people and families that endure the journey of ALS and theirs families.

Kyle Clancy

Amy Straehle

The Kilmurrays

Lauren Krug Ranieri

In Memory of Aunt Carol

Garth Greer

Amy Hancock

Eatontown PBA Local 305

Ali Trainor

Christine Rodda

Michael Clancy

Brian Weisbrot

Bob &Karen Curley

Mike Clancy

Sarah Rossi

Kerrie Guibord

John Harrington

Robin Harvey

Best wishes for Mike Clancy

Catherine Martin

Kerrie Guibord

Danielle Murphy

Patty Jaz

Paul Vergara

Michael Clancy

Drew Clancy

Lorraine Denick

Jean Blower

Paul Clancy

Mike Quigley

Bob Curley

This donation is from the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick of the Jersey Shore

Chris Rossi

Michael Wright

Laura Girard

Kelly Gunteski

Larry Mancini

Pamela Craig

Kimberly Ward

Carol Clancy

So happy to support you and the crew for Michael!

Shari Blecki

Lots of Love to Clancy's Crew!!

Patti Roeland

Carol Franz

Ed + Lydia Trainor

Janice MacPherson

Kathleen Martin

Stay strong Mike Clancy!

Drew Clancy

Kathy, Drew, Aimee, Elliot, Owen & Tristan Clancy

Robert Silverstein

Midddlebrook at Monmouth honors their friend Mike Clancy!!

Robert Silverstein

Kevin&Janine Barrett

In memory of Drew's dad, Paul Clancy.

nicholas vergara


Robert Boyle

Best wishes Mike Clancy

Kathryn Judge

Lori Maliff

Keep fighting, Mike Clancy 💚💪💚

Michael Losch

For my Friendly Son of St Patrick of the Jersey Shore Friend. Slainte!