Support Everybody Loves Elwood in the 2017 11th Annual Valentine Plunge


A message from Everybody Loves Elwood

My brother, Jack Elwood, fought the good fight for almost 10 years with ALS.  His courage taught all who knew him about living life to the fullest with grace and in Faith.  Jack was a teacher and coach by profession and he continued to teach and coach us all, especially after his diagnosis.  We support PALS because, as a family, we learned the great importance of knowing true support when a loved one is faced with this devastating disease. PALS offers kind support to those suffering with ALS.  Please donate and join our team to help this great cause!

 On February 4th, Joan Dancy & PALS will hold its 11th Annual Valentine Plunge to raise funds to care for people in our communities living with ALS.

Jumping in 32 degree water in the middle of the winter has to be the stupidest idea ever. The icy plunge goes against all of your natural instincts but most of us are going out for the eleventh year in a row as an act of solidarity with our local PALS because they are conquering immensely greater fears every minute of every day. The spirit of the day is incredibly uplifting. To see hundreds of people come together to help their neighbors in need is just beautiful.

The "plunge" we're asking you to make doesn't involve freezing cold water -- but it will make a big splash in the lives of our PALS. Simply click the "Donate" button above to make a secure online donation today.

Thank you!

- Everybody Loves Elwood