Support Plunging for Annie in the 2024 18th Annual Valentine Plunge

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A message from Plunging for Annie

On Saturday, February 10, 2024, I will plunge into the Atlantic Ocean and once again ask you with all my heart to “Jump in and Feel the Love” by supporting my efforts and helping to make a difference in the lives of ALS patients and their families. 

I lost my mother, one of my best friends and so many others, but one thing I know is that ALS cannot:  cripple your love,  shatter your hope,  corrode your faith, destroy your peace,  kill any friendships, suppress  memories, silence your courage,  invade your soul, and it cannot steal your eternal life and spirit. 

Thank you for all of your support. Simply click the "Donate" button above to make a secure online donation today.  

Thanks for joining the family!

- Thomas Coleman


Kate Gamble

Joseph Erbe

Brianne Leys

Brianne Leys

Mark Sandomeno

Jamie Cenolli

For Big Jim


Big Jim!💪


John OMalley

Go get em TC3

Erwin Cayanan

Wally Armstrong

Jim Theisen

David Van Buskirk

Charles Lang

Good luck Tom!

Dana Hobson

In memory of my mother (Anne Coleman) and Big Jim.

Kevin Warner

Scott Kobil

Tracy Townsend

Molly Stevens

Good luck TC!

Jim and Kerry Hansen

For Annie Coleman. The gal that birthed my buddy. JTTKSSS!

Megan Winchester

Thomas Rechlin

Gregg Miller

Terry Flanagan

John Scully

Nicole DeMaio

Tim Shea

Donald Barder

Leslie Melone

Our hearts break for those who have suffered thru this terrible disease. Our hearts are filled with Lots of Love to all those who participate in this plunge! Good Luck to you all.

Dennis Rogers

Andrew Obrien

Peter Fojtik

kevin leys

In memory of David P. Leys Jr, John Corcoran and Frank Sabino - family and friends who have passed away due to ALS

Jeff Cox

Laurie Davis

In memory of Tom's mom-Annie and in memory of our beloved BIG JIM, a friend to all always!

Paul Jordan

Jason Martin

In memory of Barbara Meccia and in support of Mike Clancy and Tommy Libby.

Jim Moran

Good luck Tom and crew!

Michelle Trapp

Douglas Nagy

Virginia Papa-Horning

CJ Brown

Best of luck Tom!

Justin Johnson

Go get em' TC.

Matthew Adams

Can’t wait to jump in and feel the love again this year!

David and Lori Norton

For Annie and Jim. We want pics of the full body dunking

Corporate Toddlers

For Annie and Big Jim! ❤️

David Deletto

Happy to support such an important cause!

Patrick Mastrorilli

Sorry I will be out of town this of luck!

Jim Jurkovec

John Melone

Beware of shrinkage Tom!!!

Patti Adorna

For our beloved & greatly missed brother, Jim Renae. XO

Michael Lyons

Jeremy Harris

Scott Kleppe

You are a good man to do this.

Joseph D'Oria

John Sintic

Robert Krieger

Ann Cameron

In honor & memory of Ann Coleman, our beloved beach buddy!

Scott Vigil

Mick Palmesano

Jim Bourke

Scott Kranstuber