Support President's Plunge in the 2017 11th Annual Valentine Plunge


A message from President's Plunge

On February 4th, The Joan Dancy & PALS Foundation will hold its 11th Annual Valentine Plunge to raise funds to care for people in our communities living with ALS.  Please consider joining our effort to improve the quality of life of our friends and neighbors battling with the ravages of ALS everyday.  

As President of The Joan Dancy and PALS Foundation it is heartbreaking that I will be unable to attend the Plunge this year as my obligations as stage manager with Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band take me to Australia on The River Tour 2017.  It would be unfair to plunge on Feb 4th while in the midst of the Australian summer so I took my plunge for our PALS on January 6th with video proof included on this page.  My spirit and love will be with you all on February 4th.  

The "plunge" I am asking you to make today doesn't involve freezing cold water -- but it will make a big splash in the lives of our PALS. Simply click the "Donate" button above to make a secure online donation today.

Thank you!

Sean Magovern, President

Joan Dancy and PALS Foundation

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Sean Magovern