Support Sonja Looney in the 2023 17th Annual Valentine Plunge

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A message from Sonja Looney

On Saturday, February 11, 2023, in honor of my brother in law Bill Tichansky, who fought a courageous battle with ALS, I will be one of  hundreds of people who will jump in the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean to raise awareness of this important cause. All proceeds will benefit Joan Dancy & PALS (People living with ALS), a charitable organization which has been of invaluable support to Bill and our family during his journey with the disease. Please consider making a secure online donation today and make a big splash in the lives of our PALS!


Thanks for joining the family!

- Sonja Looney


Steven Germano

Best wishes to Carla

tim wilkinson

Tiffany Harvey

Eric Lenoir

Great guy



Keith Fleming

Nadine Binns

Joe Porada

Dan Dan

In memory of Bill Tichansky.

Nancy Roche

Joan Muha

In honor of Bill Tichansky. Thank you Sonja!

Denise Nash-luckenbach

Christopher Hanson

In memory of Bill Tichansky.

Nate Daniels

Todd Mitchell

Wild Bill as he knew I called him was a friend for decades He knew my headhunting skills and taught much of what I needed to best the best. I still miss him Thank you for keeping this mission

Tiffany Hrycyna

Michelle Budai

Thomas Farrell



Dennis Szabo

Claudia Seemans

Bill Tichansky

Mark Chahla

Alan Paschedag

Jay Tindall

Heather Bucher

In memory of Big Bill.

Diane Cheer

Susan Calt

Bill Tichansky

Phillip Ernst

Robert Kunze

Peggy Pierson

james emerson

Bill was an absolute gem and straight shooter.. never forgotten.

Karl Leipold

In Honor of Bill Tichansky.

Judy King

In Honor of Bill Tichansky.

Glyn Hassall

Joelle Tango

In memory of Bill Tichansky

Graham Spencer

In honor of Bill.

Eric Evdokimoff

For Bill Tichansky

Dale Seemans

Bill Tichansky

Chit Davies

In honor of Bill Tichansky

Steven Germano

For Carla

Parker Gallo

For Bill Tichansky

Stephen Mckay

In honor of Bill Tichansky


Miss you, Uncle Bill. You were one of the greats. Have fun supporting a great organization, Sonja!


Warren Meigs

For Bill!

Jennifer Baker

Eric Smolan

In honor of Bill Tichansky

Lee Rebodos

For Bill Tichansky

Vivian Lalumia

In loving memory of Bill.

Lisa and Jeff Kranis

In loving memory of Bill

Walter Wojcik

In memory of Bill Tichansky.

JR & Carol Lalumia

Lisa Gabriel

Karen Testa

Patricia Connors

Bill Tichansky -We Miss your smile and sense of humor.

Thomas Farrell

In honor of Bill Tichansky.

Donald Monitor

Bill was a good boss and true friend.

Marc Haller

In loving memory of Bill Tichansky.

Alan Rice

This is in memory of my best boss ever and great friend, Bill Tichansky. You're the best! Al Rice

Mary O'Brien

Sara DeVine

Bill Tickansky

Lori Lewis

Christine Tichansky

In Memory of Bill Tichansky

Robert Vryhof

In memory of my great friend, Bill Tichansky. Thank you to Sonja for taking the plunge. All the best to Carla s you keep Bill’s memory alive.

Marisa Wojcik

In memory of Bill Tichansky

Wanda Tichansky

In loving memory of Bill.

Susan Winchurch

Margaret Guttschall

In memory of Bill Tichansky. We miss you Bill! ❤❤

Hazel Stewart-Looney

Bill Tichansky

Kimberly McMullen

Bill Tchanskey

Heather Poland

Marcie Jannetti

Liz Miklus

Moira Horan

Go Sonja!

Cindy Reich

Carla Velthoen Tichansky

In loving, loving memory.

Sonja Looney

In loving memory of my dear brother in law Bill Tichansky