Support Sue Fights Plunge Team in the 2019 13th Annual Valentine Plunge

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A message from Sue Fights Plunge Team

February 16, 2017 is a date that has altered our lives. After a 7 month search we finally found out why Sue’s voice was changing. Five Doctors and 4 prescription Later, ALS with Bulbar onset. The only thing I knew about ALS was the Lou Gehrig movie.

   We heard about Joan Dancy and PALS from two different people. Pat had called us and said they would like to visit us at home.  We met Pat, Kate and Kathy. When they left that visit they became family.

We attend both support groups. We have met people on the same journey that we are on. We had nowhere to go for support  in our local area. We now have friends that we see regularly and we get encouragement and experiences are shared that have helped us immensely.

We are thankful to Pat, Kate, Kathy and all the volunteers that make this journey bearable. I call them angels for I believe God has put them in our lives. Next to our faith, family and friends is the Dancy team. What a blessing they have been to us.

Sue’s fight ended on November 18, 2018 surrounded by those she loved. Sue fought the good fight. We will miss her immensely. Her memories of a life lived for Jesus Christ and a tremendous love for us all will carry us through. We all love you honey.

Jack Hicks and the Hicks and Loihle families.

THANK YOU for supporting us and the Joan Dancy and Pals foundation.I  

Thanks for joining the family!

- Sue Fights Plunge Team