Support Team DenICE in the 2024 18th Annual Valentine Plunge

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A message from Team DenICE

In August of 2023, my mom, Denise, was diagnosed with ALS. Mom and I spent seven weeks seeing seven doctors in different specialities all over Manhattan... to seven different teams, we retold moms entire medical history, hoping someone would be able to diagnose her weird cluster of symptoms. Each week, we'd drive through the Holland Tunnel so mom could receive the best care. She underwent so many blood tests, MRIs, EMGs, and CTs all of which lead to the one diagnosis we didn't want.

Mom is the most faith-filled and hopeful person. Her faith has kept us focused on living day by day. Her hope has encouraged us to continue to learn about new studies, new drugs, new ways to defeat ALS.

In February of this year, I am turning 29. All I want for my birthday is a cure for ALS... while that wish may be out of my hands, I can't think of a greater gift than helping to fund a future without ALS. Your donations and support mean more to us than you will ever know.

On Saturday, February 10, 2024,  hundreds of us around Monmouth County and beyond will choose to jump in icy ocean water as an act of solidarity with our local PALS (People with ALS) because they are conquering immensely greater fears every minute of every day. 

I hope you'll join us as we take an icy plunge into the Atlantic (denICY, if you will) ;)

If you're interested in joining us for the plunge, please send me a text as I am putting together a big party bus to travel down from Jersey City. 

The "plunge" we're asking you to make doesn't involve freezing cold water -- you can also click the "Donate" button above to make a secure online donation today.  

Thanks for joining the family!

- Team DenICE