Holiday Gift Catalog

This holiday season, you can ACT now to help HEAL someone, and share God's LOVE through your compassion. 

Gifts given before midnight, December 31, 2017, will be matched dollar for dollar up to $100,000!

 Select gifts for a friend, loved one, or yourself!

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GREATEST IMPACT: Help meet critical needs around the world right away. Every $1 provides $10 worth of supplies and care! 
$50 suggested gift.

$1 sends $122 of lifesaving supplies like syringes and sterile surgical equipment to help people in places where healthcare is extremely limited. 
$60 sends $7,320 worth.

Provide urgent care for refugees who have fled from violence, famine, and disease in South Sudan and Syria. Your gift can help save lives.
$50 suggested gift.

Your gift rushes immediate aid for survivors of natural and man-made disasters- including help for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.
$100 suggested gift.

Help a mom and baby survive childbirth with a kit that will enable a mom to deliver her baby safely with sterile, infection-preventing supplies.
$25 sends one kit!

You can help provide "911" emergency response training in Myanmar where traffic accidents are a leading cause of injury and death. 
$40 suggested gift.

You can send loving care to Syrian refugees who have experienced unimaginable horrors through much-needed mental health counseling.
$50 suggested gift.

More than half of the hospitals in Syria have been damaged or destroyed. Your gift will help a person trapped in Syria get the help they need.
$75 suggested gift.

Imagine the amazing impact of sending a professional nurse, doctor, or health care worker who volunteers his or her time to help save lives!
$75 suggested gift.

Mobile Dental Clinics provide urgently-needed dental care for children and adults in the U.S. who don't have access to a dentist.
$50 provides $200 worth of care!

Touch lives around the world with this generous gift. It's truly an outstanding way to act, heal, and love those around the world this holiday season.
$575 makes a global impact!


Share the joy of the season! If you’d like, we’ll send you a beautiful card to give to a friend or loved one, so they can know a gift was made on their behalf. Be sure to order by December 15 to receive the card in your mailbox by Christmas. Or you can download the card to print at home, when you receive an email after checkout.



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