2020 Mentorkids golf marathon

Support Dominic Orozco in the 2020 MentorKids Golf Marathon

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Kenneth Manuel

Ahron Cohen

Mark Ditteaux

Brad Casper

Hit them long and straight. Putt with confidence.

Ted T4 & Evelyn Rivera

Thank You for supporting our youth! God Bless You & Always Keep You! T Square!

Richard Strafella

We support and wish you the best of luck!!! Rich and Jennifer

Dominic Orozco

Timoteo Torrez

Be Safe, have fun and God Bless!

Daniel Canales


Brett Wallerstedt



Janice Ponziani

Donna Orozco-Geist

What an awesome charity

Christy (Mom)

Amy Colbourn

On June 2, I'll be playing 100 holes of golf with my team to help provide a life-changing summer experience for 175 Phoenix youth in under-resourced neighborhoods.  

Many children in these demographics lose 30% of their reading over the summer months.  However, more than 80% of the children in MentorKids summer programs actually make reading gains!!

Help me make summers different for these children by making a tax-deductible donation of ANY AMOUNT on my page.  

My goal is to raise at least $1,000, so please consider a gift of $100 or more to help me reach and SURPASS THAT GOAL  and help more kids.   

Thank you!!!

- Dominic

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