Support John Leggat in the MentorKids Golf Marathon 2017


By sundown on May 21st fifteen hearty souls will have played 100 holes of golf to bring focus and funding to enable 140 inner city children to participate with MentorKids Summer programs to enhance and expand their prospects for success.  The results last year were phenomenal.  92% of the children improved their reading skills. Career visions were birthed and there were many first time decisions for Christ.

Since Ann and I are going to be out of town, I played my 100 holes on April 24th. The date is significant because it would have been my mother's 100th Birthday.  In addition to matching the number of years, I know she would have been pleased because of her love for children (as an elementary school teacher) and her interest in golf (mostly as a spectator). 

 Your financial support will provide these youth development programs this summer that will literally change the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in Phoenix.

Simply click the "Donate" button above to make a secure online donation today.  And remember the State of Arizona will reimburse you up to $400 or $800 depending on whether you are filing individually or jointly as part of its Working Poor Tax Credit.  Donations to MentorKids are fully qualified to receive this generous tax credit status.

Thanks and blessings. Your care for these kids is greatly appreciated! 

- John Leggat


  • Ann Leggat:
    Good luck!!
  • Dennis kindred:
    I admire your steadfast devotion to these kids every year. It can truly be said that you provide them with sweat equity. God Bless
  • Jim McDowell:
    For John Leggat, I will sponsor for $5.00 a hole.
  • Bill Brittain:
    Always a joy to support you John. Your faithful support of kids and mentoring and is awesome. Keep up the good fight.

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