2020 Mentorkids golf marathon

Support Parrott and the Birdies in the 2020 MentorKids Golf Marathon



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Keep up the good work!

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Sorry about last year … thank you for asking for our support

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On May 31st, I'll be playing 100 holes of golf with my team to help provide a life-changing summer experience for over 200 Phoenix youth in under-resourced neighborhoods.  

Many children in these demographics lose 30% of their reading over the summer months.  However, more than 80% of the children in MentorKids summer programs actually make reading gains!!

Help me make summers different for these children by making a tax-deductible donation of ANY AMOUNT on my page.  

My goal is to raise at least $1,000, so please consider a gift of $100 or more to help me reach and SURPASS THAT GOAL  and help more kids.   

Thank you!!!

- Parrott and the Birdies

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