2018 Mentorkids golf marathon

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Support Richardlockwood@cox.net in the 2018 MentorKids Golf Marathon



  • Judith Foley:
    Thanks Dick
  • Beth Mulcahy:
    Have Fun!
  • Steven Arkoff:
    Supporting Richard Lockwood
  • Ed & Elaine Nafus:
    Dick Lockwood
  • Harvey Lieske:
    Good luck, Dick!!
  • Dick and Francine Loeb:
    Great work, Dick!!
  • James and Joan White:
    All the best!
  • John and Alice Demetra:
    Great guy, worthy cause. Go for it, Dick!!
  • Jeffry Melnick:
    Glad to help!
  • Wendy Saint:
    Great work, Dick. All the best.
  • Sharon and Kevin Walsh:
    Glad to support the kids!!
  • Michael Nichols:
    I am Sponsoring Dick Lockwood
  • Linda and Barry Talley:
    Good luck!!
  • Gerald and Brynn Bloch:
    All the best!
  • Dale & Pia Anderson:
    Great job Sir!!!
  • James A Unruh:
    Wishing you a score card full of birdies and eagles.
  • Sarah Brammer:
    Be safe and have fun!!
  • Tony Carbone:
    Great job for the kids!!
  • Thomas Long:
    Keep up the great work, Dick!!
  • Suzanne and James Meissner:
    Good luck!!!

On May 20th I'll be playing 100 holes of golf in an effort to provide a life-changing summer experience for more than150 Phoenix youth in under-resourced neighborhoods.  

Many children in these demographics lose 30% of their reading over the summer months.  However, over 80% of the children in MentorKids summer programs actually make reading gains!!

Help me make summers different for these children by making a tax-deductible donation of ANY AMOUNT.  

My goal is to raise more than $15,000. so please consider a gift of $100 - $500 or more to help me reach my goal as quickly as possible.  

Thank you!!!

- Richard Lockwood