When registering for the Mutt Strut you can participate as an Individual Walker or as part of a Pack (a team of 2 or more people). If you have a few friends, co-workers or family members that want to join you on Walk Day by raising funds themselves, this is a great way to get everyone involved. Companies also form Packs as a teambuilding exercise for their employees and a way of making their companies more philanthropic.

Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
Shelter Staff Strutters Sarah Rood VisitJoinDonate$6,750Gabi Austin Aubrey Cherry Emily Kirby-Duprey Andrea Kuentz Trish O'Donnell Sarah Rood Sarah Rood Johnny Taylor Linda Thomas Linda Thomas Kelsey Wynn
roundtable6 Mary McCormick VisitJoinDonate$1,290Kristy Gruevski Mary McCormick Mary McCormick Margaret Mccormick Ace Thuma
Kathleen Lash Kathleen Lash VisitIndividualDonate$1,535Kathleen Lash
Team Ted Dancin Kaleigh Borushko VisitJoinDonate$175Kaleigh Borushko Kaleigh Borushko Danielle Leonard
Lisa Kowalski Lisa Kowalski VisitIndividualDonate$25Lisa Kowalski
AK Steelers Team Captain - Marlene Bankwitz VisitJoinDonate$3,820Team Captain - Marlene Bankwitz Team Captain - Marlene Bankwitz Jim McCabe pamela thorpe
Peanut Andrus Family Clarisse Andrus VisitIndividualDonate$50Clarisse Andrus
HotDiggityDogs Theresa Eicher VisitJoinDonate$2,230Michele Arble Stacie DiGuiseppe-Catalano Theresa Eicher Theresa Eicher Marcia Freeman Laura Gush Natalie Reise Angie Sterling Connie VanDeneede
Whirley Susan Kotlarek VisitIndividualDonate$235Susan Kotlarek
KimCross Kimberly Cross VisitIndividualDonate$1,000Kimberly Cross
David W Bieniak David Bieniak VisitIndividualDonate$50David Bieniak
Wiggle Butts Erin Stein VisitIndividualDonate$250Erin Stein
Team Kaline Sarah Laird VisitJoinDonate$660Veronica Abbott Brandon Chris Nick Kales Richard Kales Sarah Laird Sarah Laird Emily Laird Linda Laird Molly Laird Drake Mushall Dan Mushall Leann Mushall Sarah Veronica
Team MaryAnn and Mazey - Walking for FAMD MaryAnn Wright VisitIndividualDonate$1,500MaryAnn Wright
Shelly Temperley Shelly J Temperley VisitIndividualDonate$25Shelly J Temperley
Al Kammerer Al Kammerer VisitIndividualDonate$1,690Al Kammerer
ittlekittle Kristen Kittell VisitIndividualDonate$50Kristen Kittell
Pennies for Penny's Pals Chris Hendrickson VisitJoinDonate$25Chris Hendrickson Chris Hendrickson
Cynthia Lesnick Cynthia Lesnick VisitIndividualDonate$75Cynthia Lesnick
The Brady Bunch Rande Wright VisitJoinDonate$300Rande Wright Rande Wright David Wright
Jennifer Massey Jennifer Massey VisitIndividualDonate$25Jennifer Massey
For the Buddies Karen Kline VisitJoinDonate$375Bernadine Hernden Karen Kline Karen Kline
Squish2020 Squish Mehi VisitIndividualDonate$1,000Squish Mehi
Linda Linda Schaub VisitIndividualDonate$25Linda Schaub
Marie Skladd Marie Skladd VisitIndividualDonate$525Marie Skladd
Dearborn Family Pet Care Diana Brang VisitJoinDonate$835Diana Brang Diana Brang LEIGH BRANNY Cindy Carroll MADISYN CHUBB Cheryl Good Monica Wegienka
LindaZ & Pippin Linda Ziesmer VisitIndividualDonate$35Linda Ziesmer
Gail Brittan Gail BRITTAN VisitIndividualDonate$1,890Gail BRITTAN
Julie & Rikki's virtual walk Julie Ader VisitIndividualDonate$270Julie Ader
Love our Fur babies Laurie Buhr VisitJoinDonate$2,430Laurie Buhr Laurie Buhr Kristina Buhr Mary Rooney
OG's of FAMD Phyllis Moore VisitJoinDonate$2,125Sophie Bozek Elaine Greene Phyllis Moore Phyllis Moore
Ellie Bellies Fred Johns VisitJoinDonate$150Fred Johns Fred Johns
Piston’s Pack Dylan Ross VisitJoinDonate$35Dylan Ross Dylan Ross
Team BOUNCE Nikki Vaughn VisitJoinDonate$35Nikki Vaughn Nikki Vaughn
Chris Stuk chris stuk VisitIndividualDonate$355chris stuk
Josephine Hughes Jo Hughes VisitIndividualDonate$85Jo Hughes
Katie K Katherine Kramer VisitIndividualDonate$35Katherine Kramer
Copper & Chika Jessie Thueme VisitIndividualDonate$35Jessie Thueme
Mimi, Cyrus & Eli Mimi Mardiros VisitIndividualDonate$100Mimi Mardiros
Lindsey Lindsey Prato VisitIndividualDonate$35Lindsey Prato
Robert Miller Robert Miller VisitIndividualDonate$85Robert Miller
Go Paige Linda Grundy VisitIndividualDonate$135Linda Grundy
Rebecka Reeve Rebecka Reeve VisitIndividualDonate$185Rebecka Reeve
Ruby et al Susan Ringey VisitIndividualDonate$35Susan Ringey
Tom Fischer Tom Fischer VisitIndividualDonate$480Tom Fischer
Stacey Stacey Lopez VisitIndividualDonate$35Stacey Lopez
linda C Eldred linda user VisitIndividualDonate$35linda user
Jennifer Dickey Nolan Dickey VisitIndividualDonate$460Nolan Dickey
Jessica Tuzinsky Jessica Tuzinsky VisitIndividualDonate$35Jessica Tuzinsky
Polaris Alex Cattelan VisitIndividualDonate$170Alex Cattelan