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In memory of Rico.

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Tough times!

Gail Brittan

In loving memory of sweet Rico. Because of donations like yours to support the FAMD Rico lived a long happy life. Charlie adopted Rico from the shelter back in 2004. The shelter lovingly cared for Rico until he found his forever home with Charlie.

Gary Brittan

Happy Birthday Gail !!!

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When you donate to the Mutt Strut you're helping animals like Kathryn and Queenie (pictured above). Kathryn came to FAMD as a lost dog, and has been at the shelter for 119 days while she waits to find her forever home. She's a 9-month old mixed breed dog, who is very sweet, and also deaf.  Queenie is an adorable 6 year old cat brought to the shelter by her owners when they were unable to keep her. She loves to snuggle, and sits at her window in the shelter waiting for someone to adopt her.

Thank you so much for donating to help care for the over 2,400 animals taken in annually by the shelter  You're the reason that thousands of sweethearts like Kathryn and Queenie will be able to be cared for and find loving homes in the coming year.  Woof & Meow (thank you!).