Support FAMD in the Mutt Strut 2021



Rande Wright

Carla Lewis

Kathleen! You and all who contribute ANY of their gifts - time, care, awareness, money, fostering, wish list items, adoptions, and soooooooo many other ways folks can make a difference - are wearing halos that wag and purr and drool and wiggle and plant kisses. Thank you for your support if the THOUSANDS of animals that come your way AND the thousands of Happy Tails you make possible!

Gail Brittan

Thanks for all you do for the animals.

Marianne Romeo

Marcia Freeman

Sophie Bozek

Thanks for all you do. Hope you make your goal!!

Gene Murray

Here kitty kitty kitty

Josh Beurer

Karen Lash

Happy to support you on behalf of all the grateful animals you help every day!

Bryan Eby

Thanks for all you do Kath Lash!!

Deborah Stewart

Thank you for everything you do for the shelter!

Judy Katona

Patricia Lash

Patricia Ludwig

MaryAnn Wright

Thank you Kathy!

Michael Lash

Julie Walker

Joshua Beurer

Suzanne Johnson

Al Kammerer

Lori Brauer

Meadow loves Auntie Kathy!

Welcome to my fundraising page! 

My favorite event is here again! Mutt Strut is a wonderful opportunity to help me support the animals in our care.  We need your help more than ever this year! With your donation, you can help over 2,400 animals that come through our doors annually. Pictured, are some of the animals currently in our loving care while they wait for a safe and loving home.  Please consider donating to my page. Any amount you can donate will make a difference and is so much appreciated!  Thank You!

Love, All the Animals Waiting for Their Forever Home and me!