Support HotDiggityDogs in the Mutt Strut 2020



Elizabeth Hunt

You're doing a great thing!

Karen DeBarto

Thanks Nat for supporting this organization.

Carla Tennant

Michele Arble

Heidi Arble

Cari Beach




Thank you for your non-stop hard work for the animals!


Rose Arble

Kimberly Banister

Kit & Lyle


On behalf of all my FAMD alum kitties.


Tracy Balazy

In honor of Suzanne Johnson's beloved cat, Sabrina, whom we all loved.

Karen Sootsman

Jilda Franks

Pamela Zazula

Tamara Cicotte

Linda Grundy

Angie Essenmacher

In memory of my sister in law Jan Ramirez, who loves cats and always volunteered for the animal shelters.

Marion. (Monnie) Carter


You are a rockstar!!


Lisa Guzik

Judy Shaw

Good luck, Angie!

Mary Beth Johnson

Thank you for helping the helpless animals!

Pamela Mandelka

Jill FRanks



Patricia Reise

Tamara Cicotte

Good Luck Volunteers

Donna Holloway

Angela Budd

Heather Nay

Judith Camp

Steven Holloway

Sandra Stuhr

Working as a powerhouse group of volunteers donating our time, our unconditional love, and our joy to make any day a better day for homeless animals!  Please help us in reaching our goal, and helping us defeat the Staff Team for the first time :)

- HotDiggityDogs