Support Lisa Kowalski in the Mutt Strut 2020



Hello Friends!

Every year I've walked in the Mutt Strut untill I was in an unfortunate car accident a few years ago that set me back a bit, but...

I'm very proud to start walking again this year in the 2020 Mutt Strut.  I will be walking this year with my Service Dog Georgia....

My Service Dog Georgia  ❤️🐾❤️ (Yes, she's overdue for a haircut, but it's been cold outside ❄️)

If it wasn't for the shelter I wouldn't have found my four legged forever best friends in the past, present, and future.

Along with wanting to giving back, I've seen the amazing things the shelter does for these homeless and helpless animals. The shelter provides the care the animals need and they find the animals a good forever home.

I ask for your support by donating for My Service Dog Georgia and I to walk in this year's Mutt Strut to help raise money for the shelter. Even if you can only spare a small amount, it's very much appreciated.

Thank You, Capt. Lisa K  ❤️🐾

*ALSO:  A very big thank you to everyone at the Ford Dearborn Truck (Body Shop) who helped contribute donations!  Every dollar, large or small makes a difference!!! 🤗 The donation's should appear on the donation's list soon (instead of instantly because you donated offline)*

To donate at such a difficult time during this Coronavirus Pandemic means a lot to us & every animal you're helping!!! 🐾🤗❤️