Support Love our Fur babies in the Mutt Strut 2021



Janette Mauck

Richard Amenson

Gail Brittan

Hi Elaine and Laurie! Happy Mutt Strut.

Cheryl Catton

Mary Rooney

So happy to be part of this team and so thankful for Polly an FAMD alum!

Denise Rose

Sylvia K

Have a fun day!!!!!

Linda McKinley

Sophie Bozek

Fur babies need love and money!! Good luck getting your goal.

Deborah Stewart

Hope you are doing well!

"No Flea" Market Proceeds


Cyndi Nelson

Welcome to our fundraising page.  FAMD is a very important organization to us.  And Mutt Strut is a very important event to help raise funds to take care of all the animals that come through our doors, needing care and love and protection until they can be reunited with their families or find a new forever homes. 

Max and Maybelline, Polly and Victory are all alumni from FAMD, and are all grateful for whatever you can donate to support this event.  


Please join our team or donate to help the animals at FAMD!   Thanks. 

 - Love our Fur babies