Support Rodney's Crew in the Mutt Strut 2021



MaryAnn Wright

Thank you Dana!

Julie Walker

Andrew Zak

This is Mr. Bubbles dad. He’s doing great. We appreciate everything you’re doing for these animals. I wish people would treat them like family instead of something disposable.

Gerald Weigand

Update!!! This sweet man just recently found his forever home! but let's not stop here lets keep this going for this amazing boy!

Have you ever met a land seal in person? Well Rodney is definitely that boy! Rodney is a big loveable baby who found his way back to us here at FAMD. He is my favorite pup but don't let the other pups in our care know! Rodney is definitely a special boy & a staff favorite and that's why I'm dedicating this to him! And who knows maybe this will help him find the perfect home. ;)   

- Rodney's Crew