Support roundtable6 in the Mutt Strut 2020



Glenn Key

best wishes and thanks to the roundtable6 team from Glenn & Linda - our dog was born in Flint

Steven Pitsillos

Go 6, Go!!!!

Jeff Kator

Dennis McMillan

Ryan Knoblock

Tatyana Luneva-Evenchik

Jarilyn Auger

Rebecca Smialek



Steven Pitsillos

Kim Connell

Go team, GO!

Mary McCormick

Agatha McCormick

regan boldman

MaryAnn Wright

Thank you RT6!!

Hi all-

We at roundtable6 are raising money for our very good friends at the Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit in support of their first (and hopefully last) VIRTUAL Mutt Strut which occurs on September 12. All proceeds for this event go directly to support the over 2,400 animals like little Backpack that they care for and find homes for each year. 

Join, Donate, Share or all 3!

Every little bit helps!

- roundtable6