Register as an Individual Walker, start a team or join a Pack (a team of 2 or more people). Ask your friends, co-workers or family members to join you on walk day by raising funds themselves.

Companies can also form Packs as a teambuilding exercise for their employees and as a way of making their companies more philanthropic.

If you have friends or family that cannot attend the event, have them sign up as a virtual walker. Build your team - the largest team has its own award this year! 

All prizes are based on individual fundraising. Individuals can earn a 2021 Mutt Strut t-shirt by raising $100 or more. 

Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
Christina Sabatini Christina Sabatini VisitIndividualDonate$70Christina Sabatini
ShelterStaffStrutters Sarah Rood VisitJoinDonate$0Gabi Austin Julia DeClerck Grace Helm Trish O'Donnell Sarah Rood Sarah Rood Kelsey Wynn
Deep Blue Sea cindy orlandi VisitJoinDonate$60cindy orlandi cindy orlandi
Noonies Wandra Lulek VisitIndividualDonate$105Wandra Lulek
Test Test WebTest VisitIndividualDonate$0Test WebTest
FAMD Kathleen Lash VisitIndividualDonate$0Kathleen Lash
Hilary Klein Hilary Klein VisitIndividualDonate$70Hilary Klein
Hannah and Harry Cross Kim Cross VisitIndividualDonate$35Kim Cross
roundtable6 Mary McCormick VisitJoinDonate$35Mary McCormick Mary McCormick
Taylor's Players Phyllis Moore VisitJoinDonate$280Phyllis Moore Phyllis Moore Mimi Mardiros VisitIndividualDonate$35Mimi Mardiros
Dobies for Mutt Strut Colleen Bacckus VisitIndividualDonate$70Colleen Bacckus
Team Paige Linda Grundy VisitIndividualDonate$135Linda Grundy
Ellie Bellies Fred Johns VisitJoinDonate$135Fred Johns Fred Johns
Wiggle Butts Erin Stein VisitIndividualDonate$20Erin Stein
ittlekittle critters Kristen Kittell VisitJoinDonate$135Kristen Kittell Kristen Kittell Wedad Dahbali VisitIndividualDonate$35Wedad Dahbali