Support ShelterStaffStrutters in the Mutt Strut 2021



Nicholas Ross

From both Em & I!

Tina Killoran

Maggie Mikulski-Diamond

Hailey Marie Shipe

Making this donation in memory of the love and life of a great dog.

Mary Caudill

From your Dad and I.

Helen Wynn

So proud of you!!!

Jen Janiga

Scott Diamond

Deanna Harby

In honor of a sweet, beautiful boy...BRUNO ! And his Mom and Dad..... love, Deanna and Bruce

Amy Covert

You are all AMAZING!!! Thank you for all you do!!

Lisa Saul

For your Bruno and my Rudy

Deborah Manglass

MaryAnn Wright

MaryAnn Wright

Susan Ringey

Lindsay Henson

Vernon Wynn

So proud of you!

Monica Lucas-Hankins

MaryAnn Wright

Go Kelsey!!

Patty Wynn

Thanks for all the love, compassion and commitment you show these animals ❤️

Allie Alafan

Mongo Stomp



Sophia Beydoun

Sophia Beydoun

Dawn Murphy

Megan Arredondo

Adriane Freeman

Go Kelsey!

Priscilla Pohutski

Zoe Acker

Thank you, Trish! Beth and Zoe

Tracy Balazy

Thank you so much for all you do for FAMD's animals, Kelsey!

Deb Seder

Kelsey, all my best…..deb

Marianne Turner

Zoe Acker

Good luck, Kelsey! Beth and Zoe

Sharon Gawthrop

Renee Morris

Kelly Drinkwater

MaryAnn Wright

LouAnn Laybourn

Kaleigh Borushko

Marian Stokke

Geoff Dickenson

Gail Brittan

Thanks for all you do for the animals.

Peggie Reed

Hi Stan! Good luck with this drive. I miss seeing you and your family at the office. Have fun with the animals (you always do), and give your family my love. I hope all is well. Peggie

Paul Schroeder

James Street

Good luck!

Karen Krawczyk

Deborah Stewart

Good luck with reaching your goal!

Scott Diamond

Deborah Stewart

Thank you Trish for your passion and generosity!

Deborah Stewart

Thank you Trish for your passion and generosity!

Deborah Stewart

Good luck! Thank you for everything you do for the shelter!

Danielle Leonard

MaryAnn Wright

Thank you Dana!

Sarah Rood

Deborah Phillips

Julie Walker

Al Kammerer

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- ShelterStaffStrutters