Support Squish2020 in the Mutt Strut 2020



Amy & Heather Mehi

Squish carrying on the family legacy. Your mamas are so proud of you!

Rebecca Jankowski

Laurie Buhr

Squish, you are the little man!

Pat Ludwig

Christine Slesak

Happy Birthday sweetie pie! I hope you have lots of fun and get tons of kisses!

Sophie Bozek

Kim Cross

Colleen Robar

Sending love to Squish and Tater!

Mary Horton Bischoff

Deborah Stewart

Dustin May

Go Squish!

I am so excited this year to pass down my love for FAMD to my son! I am retired now to be a stay at home mom to him, but a day does not go by that I don’t remember and treasure the 24 yrs I work for the organization. Squish will carry on with us helping make a difference for the animals any way we can. He is being raised to be kind and compassionate to all living creatures. This is his first year in making a difference. Help him help the animals by donating any amount you can spare during these hard times. Help us show him to be giving to animals in need. Thank- Squish  and his mama’s