October 20th


NCSAAM has expanded its annual Walk for Acupuncture Awareness to include two simultaneous walks; one in Asheville and another in Raleigh.  Proceeds will be used toward raising greater public awareness of acupuncture and its impact on pain. 

Click below to walk on your own, start a team, join a team or to make a donation to our cause.

Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
Linda Tolentino walkers VisitJoinDonate$1,105Jerome Scott Linda Tolentino Robert Tolentino
Triangle Acupuncture Chris Helmstetter VisitJoinDonate$160Chris Helmstetter Chris Helmstetter
Longview Acupuncture William Roberts VisitJoinDonate$335William Roberts William Roberts
Team Bonnie Bonnie Cashwell VisitJoinDonate$330Bonnie Cashwell Bonnie Cashwell
Long Life Wellness Center David Peters VisitJoinDonate$305David Peters David Peters Tracy Sturdivant Karen Velasquez
Team Amber Amber Kent VisitJoinDonate$255Amber Kent Amber Kent
Golden Needle Acupuncture, Herbal & Medical Supply Barry Thorne VisitJoinDonate$750Sherri Green Barry Thorne Barry Thorne
Kilpatrick, Townsend and Stockton Amber Donovan VisitJoinDonate$760Amber Donovan Amber Donovan Sherri Green
MAYWAY/PLUM FLOWER Katie Stoyka VisitJoinDonate$350Katie Stoyka
Qualiherb Judy Chen VisitJoinDonate$550Judy Chen Judy Chen
Https://Instagram.com/moniquesantorolac Monique Santoro VisitJoinDonate$60Monique Santoro Monique Santoro
www.zaneacupuncture.com Michelle Zane Maurer VisitIndividualDonate$110Michelle Zane Maurer
Healing Acupuncture Doug Ko VisitJoinDonate$30Lee Ann Ko Do Hyoen Ko Doug Ko Doug Ko
Team To The Point Jill Doan VisitJoinDonate$425Carlos Avila Josh Czajkowski Jill Doan Jill Doan Maddox Doan Julie Ibikunle Ade Ibikunle Julius Ibikunle Josephine Ibikunle Alex O'Brien Fanny Perez Amy Stamp
Stillpoint Acupuncture Heather McIver VisitJoinDonate$350Sherri Green Heather McIver Heather McIver
Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine Sherri Green VisitJoinDonate$780 Connie Sherri Green Sherri Green Barry Marshall Alexandria Russell
Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts Cissy Majebe VisitJoinDonate$550Cissy Majebe Cissy Majebe
Sun Ten Laboratories John Guszak VisitJoinDonate$360John Guszak John Guszak
Golden Flower Herbs VisitJoinDonate$500
Holistic Heart Acupuncture VisitJoinDonate$350Richard Hartzell Marieke Pieterman
National Association of Hospice & Palliative Care VisitJoinDonate$380Torii Black Amber Moody Heather Thorp
The Qi Spot by the Sea Gilda Hunt, L.Ac., CPHPCA VisitJoinDonate$20Gilda Hunt, L.Ac., CPHPCA Gilda Hunt, L.Ac., CPHPCA