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Lockridge Grindal Nauen March Food Drive fundraiser

March 1 to April 11

Neighborhood House is a St. Paul multi-service agency that has been providing food and housing support, education resources, and crisis services for immigrant, refugee, and other families in the community since 1897. As part of this work, Neighborhood House conducts March Food Drive, an annual fundraising campaign that brings the organization and community together to fight hunger. 

March Food Drive fundraising provides healthy, fresh, and culturally-appropriate foods to Neighborhood House’s diverse group of more than 16,000 participants (who come from more than 40 countries), allowing them to maintain their dignity, health, and culture during a challenging time in their lives.

In addition, March Food Drive allows Neighborhood House food markets (which distribute nearly one million pounds of food each year) to adapt to the shifting needs of the community. As seen with the COVID-19 pandemic, families were more frequently requesting household goods and hygiene supplies. The additional cash gives the food markets the ability to purchase these items that they could not otherwise afford to supply.

Join us as we aim to raise $18,000 from now until April 11 for March Food Drive! Your gift will provide healthy, fresh, and culturally-appropriate foods to struggling families in the St. Paul area. A $150 donation provides a month of groceries for a family of four!

The only way we can move forward as a community is as a community. Your support and partnership in our efforts are how St. Paul will begin to recover from the impacts of this pandemic while creating a more equitable community for all. Thank you for considering making a donation.

If you'd rather give by check, make it out to Neighborhood House and write "Lockridge Grindal Nauen fundraiser" in the memo line. You can mail or drop off the check at 179 Robie Street East, Saint Paul, MN 55107.

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