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On behalf of the Women of Mt. Zion Temple (WMZT), I am excited to share our new plans to encourage participation by all members of the Mt. Zion Community that will help us achieve our overall goal of raising $18,000 for Neighborhood House’s March Food Drive through a variety of methods. Neighborhood House was founded by Mt. Zion in 1897 to assist Jewish immigrants with food, housing, clothing, and language needs, and general acculturation for living successfully in Minnesota. It continues that effort today with various immigrant groups (from over 40 countries) that have arrived in Minnesota since then.

On its website, Neighborhood House states that, “Due to the challenges created by COVID-19, we ask that if you are able, to make a financial donation or create a monetary fundraiser in place of a physical food drive this year.” The organization prefers monetary donations as it can purchase more food and household goods at a better price point than we can. Moreover, “A donation of $36 covers the cost of groceries for a family of four for one week.  A donation of $150 will cover the cost of groceries for a family of four for a month.”  Funds raised during the March Food Drive will be matched by Minnesota Foodshare. Neighborhood House will continue to accept donations of food and personal hygiene/cleaning items at the Wellstone Center. See  

Towards this end, we will utilize several methods so that all Congregants may participate in this fundraiser whether or not they have computer access or utilize social media platforms. Congregants can donate through this new Neighborhood House donation link specific to the Temple that will be posted on the Temple’s website and in its communications throughout the March Food Drive. This is different than the general Neighborhood House donation link we have used in the past; it will now allow us to readily obtain information from Neighborhood House as to the amount of online donations made by our Congregation. Contributions will be tax-deductible and donors will receive a receipt. 

For alternative methods of donating to the March Food Drive, please visit the Temple’s website and review Temple communications. These methods include ways that our Congregants have donated in past years (e.g., donating through the Temple’s website/Mitzvah Foodshelf and mailing in donations to the Temple). Congregants may also donate through a new Neighborhood House donations page on the Mt. Zion Temple Facebook page (which will be shared to the Mt. Zion Conversations Facebook page). All contributions will be tax-deductible and donors will receive a receipt. This will provide real-time information as to the amounts donated.  Note that only Facebook users will be able to use this method.

Thank you for your participation in this fundraiser!  If you have any questions about the March Food Drive, please contact Sue Grupe at

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