Support Justin Bradshaw in the Making Waves

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Angie Bradshaw

Go Tiger Sharks!


Rebecca Setaro


Tim and Jenn Bradshaw

Swim hard, Justin. -Mom and Dad


Jillian Davies


Kevin Bradshaw

Go Justin! Kevin, Erin, Rosaleen, Shayla and Kelliann


Baird Colleen

Congratulations to you and your team .


Danielle Schwartz


Solleder Family

Go Justin!


Brett and Kelli Smith


We're making waves for the next generation!

We are DIVING in to make necessary updates to our Ocean County YMCA pool. The pool has been here for us and we want it to be here for generations to come.

"Swimming at the Ocean County YMCA has been a fabulous experience. The hour I spend in the pool leaves me physically and mentally energized to take on my day."

By supporting our team, you help us make a splash towards our campaign goal of $250,000 by January 1st, 2022. Please donate to make a difference.

- OCY Tiger Sharks Aqua-Thon

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