2017 Peacemaker of the Year Award Dinner

Thank you for your registration!  The value of the meal being provided is $12 per person; any amount donated above that value is tax-deductible and will help defray our other expenses for the event.  We look forward to seeing you on November 11!

Please check all that apply.  Specify the quantity if you want more than 1 and fill in the requested information, then click on "Register" to continue.

Suggested donation is $25 per person for adults.

Suggested donation is $10 per person for students.

If you can afford a donation in addition to the suggested amount, the extra amount will help defray our costs, including for people who cannot afford a donation.  Thank you for your generosity!

If you are not able to afford the suggested donation amount, please come anyway!  Register for complimentary meal(s) and use "Additional Donation" to contribute whatever you can afford--or just register for complimentary meal(s) without making an additional donation.