Thanks for joining us

Sunday, September 10 at 4 pm in our Peacebuilder Walk and Village as we promote peace literacy, unite our community, support local Peacebuilder organizations, and celebrate heroes who make a safer and more peaceful world.

Online registration is easy

You can choose below to join an existing team, start your own team, or register as an individual.  You will have the option to have your own webpage that you can personalize to honor your Peacebuilder organization.  You can also sign up online to have a booth for your organization in the Peacebuilder Village.

If you need assistance, you are welcome to contact either Jerry Leggett at: 937-999-7314 or Lonnie Franks at: 937-409-9694. 

Participants Consent upon registering online: I understand the risks involved in participating in the Peacebuilders Walk & Village and voluntarily accept these risks. I attest that I am physically fit and prepared for this event. I grant permission for 21st Century Peace Literacy Foundation to use photographs/images and quotations from me in accounts and promotions of this event.

Total Raised: $ 24,255

Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
21st Century Peace Literacy Foundation Jerry Leggett VisitJoinDonate$70Sally Dyer Jerry Leggett Jerry Leggett
Kim Bramlage Kim Bramlage VisitIndividualDonate$0Kim Bramlage
Carolyn Rice Carolyn Rice VisitIndividualDonate$20Carolyn Rice
Mike Rice Mike Rice VisitIndividualDonate$20Mike Rice
Dayton International Peace Museum Lonnie Franks VisitJoinDonate$160Amy Carlson Lonnie Franks Lonnie Franks Christine Hansen Christine Hansen Patricia Jones
Simms Development Corporation Charles Simms VisitJoinDonate$100Tracey Butt Charles Simms Charles Simms
Rotary Club of Dayton Sue Taylor VisitJoinDonate$9,140James & Susan Beerbower Becky Benna Peg & Greg Birkemeyer Lonnie Franks Linda Groover Paul Gruner Claudia McCall Carolyn & David McMillen Carl E. Moyler Steve Naas Carolyn Rice Carolyn Rice Markus+Susie+Toby Rumpfkeil Jerri Stanard Sue Taylor Sue Taylor Terry Williamson
Rotary District #6670/SW Ohio Frank Scott VisitJoinDonate$5,000Frank Scott Frank Scott
Global Love Dayton Kelly Lehman VisitJoinDonate$1,250Kelly Lehman Kelly Lehman
Heartfulness Institute Uma Mullapudi VisitJoinDonate$240Fred Arment Lucy Fisher Bruce Howorth Uma Mullapudi Uma Mullapudi
Salem Avenue Peace Corridor Jule Rastikis VisitJoinDonate$20Jule Rastikis Jule Rastikis
CityHeart Kris Sexton VisitJoinDonate$160Lonnie Franks Joan Franks Joan Franks Natalie Harwood Carole Nelson Kris Sexton Kris Sexton Catherine Skardon
Tribute to Peacebuilder Ray Olfky Jerry Leggett VisitJoinDonate$55Jerry Leggett Jerry Leggett David Meadows Kevin Schaade
Jon Hale Jon Hale VisitIndividualDonate$100Jon Hale
SpadeBoys Dianna Jones North VisitJoinDonate$20Dianna Jones North Dianna Jones North
Dayton Sister City Committee Carolyn Rice VisitJoinDonate$100Carolyn Rice Carolyn Rice
Tribute to Sister Dorothy Stang Lisa McGurk VisitJoinDonate$180Jeremy Barkley Luke Borland Judi Clemens, SNDdeN Karen Goodman Geri Lester Lisa McGurk Lisa McGurk Nicole Niemeyer Kristen Quimby Deborah Schafer Martina Welch
Bruce Craver Bruce Craver VisitIndividualDonate$20Bruce Craver
Cheryl Craver Cheryl Craver VisitIndividualDonate$20Cheryl Craver
PEACE DAYton Fred Arment VisitJoinDonate$0Fred Arment Fred Arment
International Cities of Peace Fred Arment VisitJoinDonate$0Fred Arment Fred Arment
Foster Care and Adoption Joseph Atkinson VisitJoinDonate$0Joseph Atkinson Joseph Atkinson
Justice for Ronnie Sarah Schaade VisitJoinDonate$240Jessica Combs Stephanie Jennings Sarah Keirns Philip Mineer Alicia North Sarah Schaade Sarah Schaade Kerry Schaade Ben Sheets
Trotwood Church of the Brethren Dawn Wojcik VisitJoinDonate$45Jennifer Scarr Dawn Wojcik Dawn Wojcik
Montgomery County Drug Free Coalition Larry Lane VisitJoinDonate$100Larry Lane Larry Lane
Good Neighbor House Tom Onjukka VisitJoinDonate$100Tom Onjukka Tom Onjukka
University of Dayton Amy Anderson VisitJoinDonate$500Amy Anderson Amy Anderson Emily Dotson Youssef Farhat Keri Good Hunter Goodman Natalie Hudson Hannah Jackson Ellen Marburger Joe Moore Joe Oliveri Antony Parnigoni Aly Rauen Tony Talbott Katie Talbott Megan Woolf Yuan Zhou
Dayton Literary Peace Prize Sharon Rab VisitJoinDonate$100Sharon Rab Sharon Rab
Sinclair Community College Sinclair Community College VisitJoinDonate$5,000Sinclair Community College Sinclair Community College
Dayton Opera Sherry Wells VisitJoinDonate$100Sherry Wells Sherry Wells
The Ombudsman Office Diane Welborn VisitJoinDonate$100Diane Welborn Diane Welborn
Dr. Journ Journ and the Peacemakers Lisa Phillips VisitJoinDonate$170Traci Abner Angi Ginter Journey Journ Lisa Phillips Lisa Phillips
Caroline Reynolds Caroline Reynolds VisitIndividualDonate$0Caroline Reynolds Caroline Reynolds
Englewood Friends Meeting James Eller VisitJoinDonate$205James Eller James Eller Becky Farley Sue Leet Donna Moore Charlotte Paugh
Westminster Presbyterian Church Sally Dyer VisitJoinDonate$110Sally Dyer Sally Dyer
Dayton ME/CFS Support Group Kurt Jacobsen VisitJoinDonate$100Kurt Jacobsen Kurt Jacobsen
Dayton Mediation Center Cherise Hairston VisitJoinDonate$100Cherise Hairston Cherise Hairston
Dayton Council on World Affairs Carolyn Rice VisitJoinDonate$0Carolyn Rice Carolyn Rice
DelaneyShock Delaney Shock VisitIndividualDonate$0Delaney Shock
Rhett Weiss Rhett Weiss VisitIndividualDonate$0Rhett Weiss
St. George's Youth Susan Daly VisitJoinDonate$140Susan Daly Susan Daly Ian Daly Mark Seeley Laura Seeley Caroline Seeley Leah Seeley
Evelyn Evelyn Davidson VisitIndividualDonate$0Evelyn Davidson
David Evelyn Davidson VisitIndividualDonate$0David Campbell Evelyn Davidson
St. Vincent dePaul Terry Williamson VisitJoinDonate$0Terry Williamson Terry Williamson
Empathy Surplus Chuck Watts VisitJoinDonate$100Chuck Watts Chuck Watts Chuck Watts
Nonviolent Communication Diane Diller VisitJoinDonate$0Diane Diller Diane Diller
Antioch College Hassanatou Samake VisitJoinDonate$100Hassanatou Samake Hassanatou Samake
Thurgood Marshall STEM NAACP Chapter Claudia Mason VisitJoinDonate$0Stariona Brown Claudia Mason Claudia Mason Shemaya Wingard
Boyd Laura Boyd VisitIndividualDonate$50Laura Boyd
Marlin Boyd Marlin Boyd VisitIndividualDonate$0Marlin Boyd
Lesley Coffey Lesley Coffey VisitIndividualDonate$0Lesley Coffey
Kaitlyn Swartz Kaitlyn Swartz VisitIndividualDonate$0Kaitlyn Swartz
Team Savannah Hannah Schultz VisitIndividualDonate$0Savannah Lynch Hannah Schultz
Peacebuilders Hannah Wireman VisitJoinDonate$20Rachel Eve Davis Nancy Gargrave Hannah Wireman Hannah Wireman
Blaich Alexis Blaich VisitJoinDonate$0Alexis Blaich Alexis Blaich
PeaceWalkers Cathy French VisitIndividualDonate$0Cathy French
Ted Studebaker Peace Hero Team Nancy Smith VisitJoinDonate$200Nancy Smith Nancy Smith
Nature Preschool Meredith Florkey VisitJoinDonate$0Meredith Florkey Meredith Florkey
cec Cecilia Emery VisitIndividualDonate$0Cecilia Emery
Brittany Brittany Stewart VisitIndividualDonate$0Brittany Stewart
Nelie Nelie Abayisenga VisitIndividualDonate$0Nelie Abayisenga