Conejo Valley

September 11, 2016

Thanks for joining us

Sunday, September 11 at 2 pm as we honor the legacy of 9/11 through promoting peace literacy, uniting our community, supporting local nonprofits, and celebrating heroes who make a safer and more peaceful world.

Online registration is easy

You can choose below to join an existing team, start your own team, or register as an individual.You will have the option to have your own webpage that you can personalize to honor your peace hero.

If you need assistance, you are welcome to contact Jerry Leggett at:, or call 937-999-7314.

Total Raised: $ 11,418

Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
Marshall Rosenberg Shoshana Wheeler VisitJoinDonate$100Monica Espinoza Shoshana Wheeler Shoshana Wheeler
Unity and The Greater Contribution Molly Rockey VisitJoinDonate$350Gail Brewer Desislava Colova Malayna Dawn Molly Rockey Molly Rockey
Education & Women's Issues in MiddleEast/Itaf Awad Barbara Pampalone VisitJoinDonate$735Mj Holt Barbara Pampalone Barbara Pampalone
Yogaworks Westlake Maggie Mellor VisitJoinDonate$925Maggie Mellor Maggie Mellor frances osullivan
Interfaith Allies Nicole Cozzi VisitJoinDonate$100Michelle Cerami Nicole Cozzi Nicole Cozzi Desta Goehner Rachel Lapp Anna Lundsten Melissa Maxwell-Doherty Mehak Sachdev
New Moon Wellness/Erica Greve Andrea Gootnick VisitJoinDonate$500Andrea Gootnick Andrea Gootnick
Conejo Compassion Coalition Bob Bland VisitJoinDonate$270Bob Bland Bob Bland Bob Bland John Sahlman
Butterflies and Bees/Muhammad Ali Peace Hero Audrey Philpot VisitJoinDonate$375Audrey Philpot Audrey Philpot
Rudolf Steiner Joyce Muraoka VisitJoinDonate$1,585Joyce Muraoka Joyce Muraoka Joan Newton Cecilia Starin
Pete Seeger Jerry Leggett VisitJoinDonate$100Jerry Leggett Jerry Leggett
Relief Society Sisters of Th.Oaks/Linda K. Burton Angela Rockwood VisitJoinDonate$465Angela Rockwood Angela Rockwood Lily Rockwood Ava Rockwood Amy VanWoerkom
Team Giff Smith Deborah Leshon VisitJoinDonate$1,008Laura Braverman Jonathan Braverman Tina Brown Deborah Leshon Deborah Leshon Diane Smith Laurie Tragen-Boykoff
Food for the Soul/Eyal Bloch Team Rhonda Zucker VisitJoinDonate$1,291Matthew Burke Kristy Corwin Lisa Harrison Tony Jabbour Kinga Kozdron John Anthony Lewis Judy Nelson Ronald Nelson Marilyn Newman Marek Niklas Nancy Osborne Vainstein Vainstein Rhonda Zucker Rhonda Zucker Mark Zucker
CSL Westlake Village/Barbara Fields Sherry Virsen VisitJoinDonate$1,075Debra Bealmear Stefania Buffalo Robin Fufuli ANITA FURDEK Arianna Lopez Tina Meyer Karen Oxrider Linda Price Sheila Rosenthal Aimee Shapiro Chris Short Sherry Virsen Sherry Virsen
Yogi's for Peace/Baba Hari Das Chandra Gero VisitJoinDonate$349Chandra Gero Chandra Gero Louanna Reisch Nancy Shaffer Elaine Sims Alan & Lainie Sims
The Sacks Family/Mahatma Gandhi Team Holly Sacks VisitJoinDonate$945Holly Sacks Holly Sacks
I Have a Dream Team, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Karen Sorensen VisitJoinDonate$100Karen Sorensen Karen Sorensen
CVUSD and T.O. Police Dept Vainstein Vainstein VisitJoinDonate$500Vainstein Vainstein Vainstein Vainstein
Rotary Club of Woodland Hills Elegance Hippolyte VisitJoinDonate$75Elegance Hippolyte Elegance Hippolyte Alice Muntean Diane Nelson Sheri Polak Jeffrey Stern
Islamic Center of Conejo Valley Tabah Syed VisitJoinDonate$520Isra Din Rubina Ismail Rida Ismail M Riyaz Ismail Gazala Kazi Hussam Kazi Laila Mansoor Kristin Shah Saima Siddiqui Shajee Siddiqui Tabah Syed Tabah Syed Humera Syed Kaleem Syed Najeeb Syed Muneeb Syed Mustafa Syed
Build A Better World Foundation Kristy Corwin VisitJoinDonate$50Kristy Corwin Kristy Corwin